• 1 + 1

    1+1 is all I need
    Because 1+1 is you and me
    3 and 4 are sometimes loud
    5 and 6 become a crowd... more »

  • 19 Years

    For nineteen years I've had someone by my side
    Nineteen years, someone with me while I've cried
    Nineteen years you've given your love to me
    Not just one, but two or three... more »

  • A Fleeting Flame

    With a flash of light you are gone
    A puff of smoke and I'm alone
    Embers of love burn in your heart
    But this Hart is through... more »

  • Be Kind To Your Toys

    I was walking down the street one day
    Looking for someone with whom to play
    When a toy soldier flew through the air
    And landed at my feet... more »

  • Childhood

    I like to run around in circles until I fall down
    I like to hold my breath until my face turns red
    I like to get ice cream all over my face
    I like to tumble head over heels down hills... more »

  • Coming Home To You

    I'm coming home today
    I'm coming home to you
    I'll hold you in my arms
    I'll show you our love's true... more »

  • Dreaming Of Summer

    Let’s talk of fireflies and picnics
    Let’s talk of bonfires and marshmallows
    Let’s roll in the grass
    Let’s stay out late... more »

  • Duct Tape Can'T Fix Everything

    Broken hearts and hurt skinned knees
    Lost frienships and stings from bees
    If you haven't noticed, all of these
    Are things that duct tape can not fix... more »

  • Evening Thoughts

    Give me a yes or give me a no
    Tell me you'll stay or get up and go
    I've heard its summer but I still feel snow
    You say that you love me but I don't know...... more »

  • Eyes Of Green Meet Eyes Of Blue

    Lonely mornings crawling by
    Lonely nights where time won't fly
    Lonely days with no hand held
    A pounding heart that's never quelled... more »

  • Hand In Hand

    I'm sure we're sure
    I'm sure we're real
    I'm sure you know
    Just how I feel... more »

  • Late Night Wish Upon A Star

    I made a wish upon a star
    To find out if we truly are
    Meant to be and meant to see
    Each other every day... more »

  • Meeting In The Hot Tub

    I was chillin in the hot tub
    And some chicas came my way
    They asked me for my name
    But then said 'WAIT! DON'T SAY! '... more »

  • My Thoughts Of You

    Sweet and smooth
    Stylish and savvy
    She makes her way across the room
    Quick and witty... more »

  • On Top Of The World

    Standing at the top I can see everything
    From one horizon to the other
    Everything is illuminated for me
    But you’re casting me to the bottom... more »

  • Only You

    If I could have one thing in the world
    It would be you
    If I could know one girl in the world
    She would be you... more »

  • Questions For You

    Do you ever want to leave me?
    I never want to leave you
    I've loved you from hello
    I'll love you after goodbye... more »

  • Spinning

    I need strength.
    I can’t stay up.
    My head is spinning.
    So get me off this merry-go-round and set my feet on solid ground.... more »

  • Thieves In The Night

    Its like a subtle substance in my veins
    An impacting liquid distorting my vision
    A seeping acid eating through chains
    Breaking into my heart with grave precision... more »

  • When I'M With You

    You are my heaven, you are my earth
    You give my life its meaning and worth
    You are my one, you are my all
    You know how to catch me whenever I fall... more »

  • Where Am I Going?

    Without map and without compass
    I make my way through your heart
    No need for food or razor cutlass
    I avoid the poisionous flying dart... more »