Why speak with no voice,
Simply hiding behind my thoughts portraying something I'm not,
You'll never figure out who I really am,
Whether you speak with me or simply listen,
Through my special art you will see,
My heart and past memories,
Who am I you may ask,
No answer will I give,
I may move around and converse,
But only through this art,
Will you see me live.


Sebastian Hope Poems


Listening to her speak,
My heart softens,
Something I can't have,
Much too far out of my reach,... more »

My Oh My

My love my dear my friend,
oh how I sometimes forget the words,
they seem to blend slowly together,
becoming indistinguishable from one another,... more »

The Damned

Who does god look to when she cries,
Does she stare through the devils eyes,
Does she pray to a power the same as her own-
Equal to her in all her lovely grace?... more »

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