• Christmas Reunion

    Christmas is only 10 days away
    For most of us Christmas is just like any day of life
    9 to 5 working but nothing can stop them make Christmas
    The special day and reunion... more »

  • Christmas Wanted One

    Today is Christmas I want to be with the wanted one
    Only you can make this Christmas never-ending
    Whole new beautiful life and lasting no-end happy days
    Today and everyday of our life together... more »

  • Christmas Wishing

    Wishing you all
    Warmth you peaceful
    As we celebrity Christmas
    Let us open our heart... more »

  • Cocky And Hens

    Cocky and Hens

    Hey, is Friday night dressing up and ready to plays
    Thousands hen and a hundred Cocky game on... more »

  • Come Together

    My children
    come together... more »

  • Couple

    We been through the good and bad
    We have face it all
    Laughter and tears
    We have been through it all... more »

  • Creature


    The most beautiful creature on earth
    The different build and height... more »

  • Cry Baby

    Baby crying out loud and in pain
    Mamma rushing to feed babe... more »

  • Cry Baby For The Peace

    Cry baby cry make them listen and heard
    Cry to mama papa cry to friends of theworld
    Cry out loud to theworld make them heard your cry
    That your are hungry in pain and sadness... more »

  • Cry Baby For World Peace

    Cry baby cry make them listen and heard
    Cry to mama cry to papa... more »

  • Cyber Space

    We search in cyberspace
    Space is so unreal
    Transport faster than lighting
    close and in front... more »

  • Cyber Space Woman

    The most beautiful creature
    In space... more »

  • Cyber Woman Dream Is You

    Magical dream beam thought space
    Love warmth weather and unchanged
    Like the sun shine brightly and daily
    The warm beam light consequently... more »

  • Day By Day

    I whisper to you and pray
    To you my GOD
    Let there be my footstep
    To guide my feet... more »

  • Delight Goodness

    I love the mongo tasted
    The papaya smell bite of apple... more »

  • Discovery The Stranger

    The wife the lover and mother of our child
    She toke the risk Cross Ocean and flies from skies
    To reach another stranger to be her beloved
    And will be the father of the children... more »

  • Disease


    I don’t agreed in civil war,
    insurgent and Terrorism,... more »

  • Earth Creature

    The most beautiful creature on the earth
    Which float on earth visible to seen
    The build and height body illusion our mind
    Which bodily hunger to strike on your eye... more »

  • End Day Wishing

    30 December: End of day end of last.
    We grant new day new year and grant long

    We will never know when the day will end... more »

  • Eve Day

    EVE day prepare morrow come
    Through the night seen long... more »

  • Eve Days

    EVE day prepare morrow come
    Through the night seen long... more »

  • Facebook Addy

    Facebook addy

    Friends and social, drinking pal and party events.
    we meet so many nice people.... more »

  • Flame On

    I come from afar
    Past ocean mountain land
    and reach the skies
    Flame on red and hot... more »

  • Fly

    I wait till my wing grow and ready to fly
    Fly high to the skies with eagle eye... more »

  • Fly Home

    Fly home there will be shine
    with bright orange light
    Fly home there will be sweet
    with bright orange light... more »