• Gaza Broken Tears

    Gaza broken tears
    Tears sadness, when we been told we done wrong
    Tears pains, when we been discipline
    Tears hurts, when we lost and alone... more »

  • Go On To 2010

    Go on to 2010.

    Go on to 2010, another year past.
    It seem, like yesterday same old faces.... more »

  • Good To Write Poems

    I want everyone in theworld
    To write poems
    Poems is the best to happy writing
    Anger sad and pain... more »

  • Haiti Appeal

    Haiti Appeal

    Nature disaster no human can plan and control it.
    It come it come nothing like the hurricane or tornado... more »

  • Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday to you
    You won my heart
    Because your cyber electrify
    It shocked me to millions volt... more »

  • Happy New Year 2009 A New Beginning

    Happy New Year 2009 a new beginning

    to begin with make peace with family and lover, we haven't talks much a miss
    in the past year! Maybe is the feeling that hurt us, maybe is our pride it hold us back?... more »

  • Happy Singles Valentine’s Day

    Happy singles Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s day come once a year.
    Do not feel disappointed if you single tonight... more »

  • Heaven Sent Down A Cupid

    I believe you are very open and sincere person
    Your warm word touched out heart
    I hope we will make our wish
    This dream come truth one day... more »

  • Here Come Theworld

    Lovely happy people and joy
    Colorful culture and race... more »

  • Humble

    A humble being and a kind heart
    But as a human is not prefect... more »

  • I Am The Man

    I am the man
    Do not feel pains or hurts
    Make from iron
    My heart is makes of steel... more »

  • I Am The Man Without Tear?

    I am the man without tear?
    Who don’t feel pain cannot be hurt
    Heart broken without a tear out of my eyes
    What are tears? Sorry, I can’t just to show... more »

  • I Been Walking On The Earth

    I been walking on the earth
    To long, I am not old young or teen... more »

  • I Came

    2 thousands years ago
    I came I teach I preacher
    I heal I cure sickness
    It still not enough for you and all... more »

  • I Can Hear Feel It Clearly They Do Want Peace

    I can hear feel it clearly they do want Peace.
    For Peace is to them understand oneself and another.
    Why we been killing each other more the half century?
    GOD honours us so cruel to each other?... more »

  • I Can Make Change Just To Reach Out

    I can make change just to reach out
    To reach out to somebody hands
    I can make a change reach out openly to opponent
    I can make a change we can be friends... more »

  • I Had Born

    A star, upon the skies
    Highest and brightest sign... more »

  • I Imagine My Angel Fall Down From Heaven

    I imagine my angel fall down from heaven
    Seek and search for the man
    Down on earth See the man been waiting along
    for the angel to fell on him, which he been waiting all his life... more »

  • I Love Woman

    You such a wonderful and warm
    You give big kiss and cooking dinner
    Without a miss for after will be hot in bed
    Because you so wonderful in every way... more »

  • I Sent You An Air Kiss

    From dating site we meet
    Internet email and on line
    We talk on line sometime
    Yours Is 7 hour ahead... more »

  • I Stand Tall

    Birthday: Standing tall and high not wind higher can blow me a way.... more »

  • I Tell You

    You said that you cared,
    but that was just a lie,
    i should have known,
    that everyone always says goodbye,... more »

  • I’m Living In Four Seasons

    I’m living in Four Seasons
    I need you today and tonight
    Daily night and day
    Four Seasons every year... more »

  • Immigrant Man

    Years pasted by us quick
    Lost counting endless days and nights
    The family I haven’t seen for years
    Because Immigrant to another country... more »

  • Immigrations Birds

    29 December: Immigrations birds surround bounty land as their.
    Fighting is not needed. We have plenty of foods
    for all and shall shares.... more »