• Impatience

    We go in dating site
    and we respond
    and we reply everyday
    picture and talk about ourselves... more »

  • Inflow Of Energy

    Recently I feel inflow of energy
    I feel that it goes from this energy
    Is far also is pure and heat
    I think it is your love encourages... more »

  • Keeping Email Alive In Touch

    Keeping email alive in touch

    A day gone by without your mail
    I seem to be a year for me... more »

  • Let It Be The Beginning 2009

    Let it be the beginning 2009

    Let begins with joy and fun, Family and friends,
    lover making through out the years and on... more »

  • Life Full Of Temptation

    Life is full of temptation
    Food much junk surrounds... more »

  • Life Is Wonderful Mystery

    Life is wonderful mystery
    It gives us moment of pain
    But it always let our destiny
    and our heart to step in... more »

  • London City

    Color you name
    Which we prove to present
    Riches in colors of all
    Have no begin or end... more »

  • London City You Claims Your Right

    London city you claims your right

    The moving city, days and nights.
    it seem no one can sit still... more »

  • London July=7

    My dream, that will be continue meadow
    Surround with beauteous colors
    To me have broken much
    The beauteous flower has present... more »

  • Long Day

    All day long
    I thought about you... more »

  • Look Through Crowds Of People

    I have looked for you everywhere
    crossroads and to cyber spaces
    among the crowds of people
    I was asking myself how long it's possible to seek... more »

  • Love Bird And Pair Of Us

    Two love bird on the tree top
    Sing and picking each other
    Is so sweet and loving
    Colourful and beautiful... more »

  • Love Of Gold

    Gold underneath and float above
    change into dusk but underneath the treasure.

    Love of gold... more »

  • Love Of Peace

    theworld is filled with good and evil
    Love is short so is life
    We got to know what love mean
    Without love there won’t be loving... more »

  • Love Theworld

    When theworld have peace
    It shall not be hatred or dislike
    Which dislike cause the pain?
    Hatred be come shadow murder... more »

  • Love Theworld Praise Theworld

    When theworld have peace
    It shall not be hatred or dislike... more »

  • Mast Of Hopper

    This world is full of being... more »

  • Meet In Ocean.

    Meet in Ocean.

    A great place to meet,
    and a place we trying to stand out!... more »

  • Meet The Hunter.

    Meet the hunter.
    Oh, the day past and the sun disappear,
    Night come and is time to put on the mask,
    Hunger and ready to go hunting,... more »

  • Meet-Up Lone.

    Meet-up Lone.
    Social meet-up, a great place to make new friends,
    Different racial and cultural, habits and attitudes,
    Everyone got it own personality.... more »

  • Merry Christmas Remembrance

    Merry Christmas Remembrance.

    We so proud of our hero and celebrity.
    We remembrance them as such!... more »

  • Michelle

    I have a friend call Michelle.
    Sorry total 3 Michelle I know off
    One I go to school with and
    Second we meet up sometime for a nice meal.... more »

  • My Beloved Mum I Sent You Today Skies

    My beloved mum,
    I sent you photo of today skies
    On the way to court for speeding offend
    As I look from the train high up the skies... more »

  • My Dream For One Love Became

    My dream for one love became
    No picture no need to whisper
    Is not a dream any how she is real?
    It became coming to me in fresh... more »

  • My Dream For One Love Countdown

    My dream for one love Countdown
    Countdown my arm is open and waiting
    Stiff tired clock sound I heard ticks tocks ticks tocks
    Time will never stop, time past and never come again... more »