• My Words Cannot Be Descried

    My words cannot be descried
    I love you so beautiful in anyway
    You make my heart boiling
    Burning with desire to be love and loved my... more »

  • Net Lover

    I am sad with broken heart
    By the net man or woman... more »

  • Oh My Oh My Love My

    Oh my where you hiding I want to hugs before you turning
    Oh my where you waving far I want to kiss before you going
    Oh my where you seeing I want to contact before you walking
    Oh my show your hiding and give me nest and for breeding... more »

  • Oneself Doing

    ONESELF doing

    Who right or wrong, I'm not here to judge! I love writing
    I write what I feel good and bad, sadness and pain.... more »

  • Our Gifted Parents

    I am my parent son, you is your parent daughter
    We both born different but we both breathing of the earth air
    Without the earth air no one will survives
    And rain falling from the skies... more »

  • Pen


    i like you and the heart is still jecting?
    i think i like that guy, I think i like that girl.... more »

  • People Say I Am Samaritan But Fear My Talk

    They say thing I give a reply
    They say I am a threat loud and bad manner
    My reply we different race and cultural
    I speak English and understand fully and well... more »

  • Please Explain I Will Never Understand What God Told You?

    Showing off to theworld on live TV
    And full video tape sending rounds theworld

    We do this... more »

  • Pretty Woman

    Pretty woman.
    But wife is beautiful.
    Pretty woman is hot.
    But wife is the sexiest.... more »

  • Promise Land

    We got nowhere else to go
    You can say we take over your desert
    We did not claim is back in force
    After the WW2 every country every ethnic... more »

  • Rain Wet The Ground

    It comes from the top
    And high about the clouds... more »

  • Reach Out Both Hands

    Reach out both hands

    Will you take both my hands?
    We had been unfriendly toward each other for a long time.... more »

  • Romance Message

    You ask for romance message
    Romance is not just typing word
    I will try to type and
    My hearting is beating faster... more »

  • Russian Woman

    I’m from UK
    I love Russian woman
    I know them from internet
    There replies each off my letter... more »

  • Saddam Hussein Executed

    theworld know
    Saddam is evil and murderers
    Which cruel to his peoples
    Murder them and rule them... more »

  • See More

    ... more »

  • See No Education Writer

    I haven't passed an exam in school
    I left school at the age 14
    Not one blue mark but all red
    The whole class I will... more »

  • Skies

    Sometime is cloudy dark without a lights
    but it gone soon and away
    roar the thunder and storm
    second here second there... more »

  • Space Alive

    Space alive.

    21st century comes alive in space.
    In search for a date,... more »

  • Space Virtual Unreal,

    14 December: Space Virtual unreal, which come to be true became reality.

    Space we need to relax and to think
    We ask for spaces are we selfish or uncared... more »

  • Stop

    Why we have to stop or told to stop
    I know what I am doing and I am right
    Please live me alone and
    Now you crush why you don’t listen... more »

  • Straight Walk Forward Through End

    Walking straight will be blocked by block of wave
    We try hard to walk up straight... more »

  • Suicide Bomb Attack

    God damn another suicide bomb attack
    Oh My God, When this thing ever be stop!
    In his name the Lord and Allah
    Chanting God the Almighty.... more »

  • Sun Star And The Moon

    Give me the sun light
    To shine into my life... more »

  • Terror Are Not A Being

    If you are a being
    If you will not do such a thing
    Only things can do such a thing
    Destroying every mankind... more »