• The Heart Sings The Sea Smile

    The heart sings the sea smile
    Without fear sailing her boat towards
    Hundreds foots of waves
    Singing along in the heart... more »

  • The Sock Mob (Merry Christmas)

    The Sock Mob (Merry Christmas)

    Wonderful what this people doing.
    after a tired day of work.... more »

  • The Soul, Song Of Love

    The soul, song of love
    I sing from the bottom of my heart
    The soul song, I sing I cry I laugh
    I cheer I love enjoy... more »

  • To Fight To Win

    to fight to win
    or to lose to die
    to good to kind
    or to bad to evil... more »

  • Topic

    What going on the internet,
    daily topic expressions of hatred dislike and discrimination.
    I love topic, friendly and peace.
    But why this people don’t give a thought posting horrible pictures... more »

  • Treasure In Bottom Of The Heart

    It seem living we expect a high
    When down us falling in pain
    High is empty with open air
    Within is full of treasure... more »

  • Ugly World

    ugly world

    don’t we see enough ugliness in this world
    and why we have to fight in all thing... more »

  • Valentine Choose One Call

    I haven’t got a problem to date
    But tonight I have to make it right
    And to my one and big mistake I haven’t told
    Which she doesn’t notice yet... more »

  • Valentine Day

    Today will be today
    I can't effort to miss
    but who will be my date
    I call you and i call her... more »

  • Valentine Day The Special One

    One ready for a date and wait for the special one
    But who will be one and date special one
    No one is special because haven’t got the one
    Why one date tonight special just for you... more »

  • Valentine Looking Forward

    Looking forward to this romantic day
    Planning thought of this day
    To make it a special memory... more »

  • Valentine Recollects

    Valentine recollects

    Valentine day, what does it mean,
    Does it mean just a day or a night?... more »

  • Valentine Winter Time

    Snow fall covers all the grounds
    Tonight is valentine and special a night
    For lover for love and falling in love
    Have fun party or sad and sorry... more »

  • Voice Within

    Voice we listen, voice a far good and bad
    Voice we hear, voice a near anger and love
    Voice that told, evil and kind
    Voice that say, honour and betray... more »

  • War And Peace 2

    The ugliness of First, and Second World War,
    I don't want to hear war again,
    But why, war has never been stopped.
    I don’t want to hear war again.... more »

  • Watch Theworld Go By

    2 December: Watch theworld go by
    2 December: Watch the world go by and sit down to enjoy the life.... more »

  • We Don’t Look At Each Other Eye

    Miraculous we go together
    To party to Pub and Theatre
    Still we don’t look at each other eye
    And up the alley way in group... more »

  • What Ever


    Whatever we do and dreams, Whatever we give and takes
    Self doing is not in dreams, We give and don't expects in return... more »

  • Will You Shake My Hand?

    Oh dear are you human?
    I must know and have to know
    If you are human just like me
    My dear human living on mother earth... more »

  • Wind Flow


  • Yin And Yang

    Yin and yang go on so well
    Left and right can’t without one... more »

  • You Peoples

    You peoples

    my peoples your peoples, my kind your kind that the kind?
    My family your family, my friends your friends, my parent your parent,... more »