B.E graduate in Electronics and communication Engineering.Worked as a lecturer for some time, Later went on to do MTech in VLSI at Jain University, Banglore India, now studying my second Master's Degree in Engineering Technology at University of North Texas, Texas, USA. Enthusiastic towards life and its ways.Trying to view life optimistically, accepting challenges and looking forward to new turns and returns.Compassionate towards all animals except man.
Believer of God and Good.Poetry for me is just an outlet to my thoughts.....i feel good when people who read my poems identify themselves in any of the lines.

I have brought out my first poems book called
'Letters From the heart'

Publisher: leadstart publishing
imprint: Virgin Leaf Books

To buy:
http: //www.a1books.co.in/searchdetail.do? itemCode=9380154011

To review my book:
http: //bookwag.com/2009/06/19/new-book-letters-from-the-heart-by-seema-aarella/.

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Seema Aarella Poems

A Strange Relation

I burry the thought of writing,
Because I miserably fail to describe
This strange phenomenon
For I feel the pureness of the script... more »

***days Of 'Fall'***

Feeble sounds of timeless tunes
Flowing from across the dunes
Heard, unheard….in disbelief
I stood there…felt a strange relief... more »

A Journey

There i stand at the end of highway
Facing the endless bare horizon
That seems to gulp every path and road
Wishing to trace the fortunate means... more »

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Comments about Seema Aarella

Raghavendra Nayak 03 Jul 2014 11:22
hi Aarella ji, , , i red some poems, its really nice...keep it up...
Matt Murphy 05 Nov 2012 01:06
Why do you put exclamation points before al of your poems? ? ?
Sarwar Chowdhury 24 Aug 2009 07:09
My inquisitive memory has detected some powerful wordsmith here, You dear Seema one of them! Thoughtful and mind crunhing words that come out from your genious and endowed entity that in the light of post modern criticism can be interpreted many ways! Move forward And inspire us sincerely sarwar chowdhury