SC Seema Chowdhury 14th September,1971

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1) My Own Leadership Quotes By Seema Chowdhury, 1. The word Leader literally means a person who commands a group or an organization. So roll up your sleeves and put your best foot forward to lead your team to victory. 2. A Leader is a person who is the head, chief or like a principal who shows people opportunities when they arise and helps them to pave their way to success. 3. An Inspiring Leader is a commander and a captain who holds your hand, guides your steps during difficult times and helps you to grow enthusiasm for your work. 4. An Efficient Leader is a pioneer and an innovator who invests in your professional life and inculcates the sense of responsibility and the excitement of achievements in you. 5. An Innovative Leader is the one, who helps you to search for the answers to the hard questions, pushes your boundaries and makes you think outside the box. 6. A Great Leader helps you to grow, encourages you to open the gates of opportunities and success and he enlightens and empowers you with the gift of knowledge. 7. A Motivating Leader is the one whose actions deeply stir your soul and inspires you to go that extra mile to accomplish your target and reach a significant milestone. 8. An Effective Leader is the one who focuses his attention on your personal as well as professional development and helps you to nurture your talents and inspires you to hone your skills over the years. 9. A Successful Leader is the one who creates an avenue for you to travel on the wings of past, fly high in the present and gives you the focus for your future success. 10. The Best Leader is the one, who helps you to find the final piece of the puzzle, protects you from the sharp edges and plays a positive role in your life.
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2) Images of Culture By Seema Chowdhury 1. Culture is everything that defines and helps us in our journey. 2. It is who we are and the way we are brought up in this complex and dynamic world on the continuum of past, present, and future. 3. Culture defines our beliefs, concepts, actions, and reactions to life's events and guides us to make decisions about the choices we have every day. 4. It shapes our personality, shed light on individual perspective and cautiously guides every step of the way. 5. It teaches us how to build a safety blanket all around to protect us from threats and it programs us to find opportunities around us. 6. Culture teaches us to live in peace and harmony with others and it shows us numerous ways to express our views and opinions. 7. It's like a cobweb around which we spin our lives and in the middle of which we reside peacefully and securely till the end of time.
3) Thoughts and insights about Mindfulness By Seema Chowdhury 1. Mindfulness is a precious gift and we must embrace it with open arms. It means to be present in the moment, acknowledge our being, accept the reality and commit to the responsibilities of life. 2. It's quite interesting because it teaches us to be aware of our self, our existence, our environment, what we are doing and what is happening around us. So we can be more creative and work effectively and efficiently. 3. Most of the time, we just follow the routine and do things without realizing or feeling in that particular moment. For us, it is just an act and we are programmed to do them in that sequence over and over again, in an endless loop, till we do something to alter or disrupt the process. 4. To be aware of our existence means we can start feeling, seeing, listening and observing more. We can start enjoying things that are present and start realizing what we are doing and the logical explanation of ‘why', for what reason or purpose. 5. Mindfulness teaches us to balance our life and compensate where and what we are lacking in, so we can focus more in life. It is good for our heart, mind, body, and soul and it increases the flow of positive energy around us. 6. We can start improving when we realize that we need to do, learn and challenge ourselves more, only then growth will come and we will be able to become a better person and an improved version of ourselves

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We always love to read poems of Seema Chowdhury as she writes beautiful poems of philosophical fragrance and devotional attitude. She is definitely a great poetess of this time. Her poems greatly motivates others.
Very talented poetess..God bless you.
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