• 4-Ever Friends

    Written with a pen, sealed with a kiss
    If you are my friend, answer me this:
    Are we friends, or are we not?
    You told me once, but I forgot.... more »

  • Heaven And Something Called Hell

    I was in heaven
    but I came back for you
    it was so great
    without the need to love... more »

  • In Love

    ta so kare to,
    ware o na to hi so nagatsuki no,
    tsuyu ni nure tsutsu kimi matsu ware o... more »

  • In The Holidays:

    I wanted to write some english words,
    and now I sit here and my brain hurts.
    The vocabularys - I can`t remember,
    Last English lesson was in September.... more »

  • La Roca

    Maciza y fuerte por fuera
    la roca, en medio del mar

    Abatida por el viento y las olas... more »

  • Lonely

    You can’t escape from this pain
    It seems like it will always stay
    It doesn’t matter now you feel
    The pain is always there... more »

  • Nobody There

    Alone in the dark
    I´m sitting here alone in the dark
    I´m sad and no one is here to help me
    I´m so sad and I want to die... more »

  • Stress

    time is something, no one can explain,
    time is a topic, about which people complain,
    that there arent enough hours in the day,
    to get their work, their rest and play.... more »

  • Suicide

    Some days I just wish
    That I could run and hide
    No matter where I go
    It seems like the only way out is suicide... more »