• Ask Me

    Ask my eyes to stop looking at

    Ask my brain to stop thinking of... more »

  • Day By Day

    Day By Day
    I feel more lonely
    Day By Day
    I feel as if I don't exist... more »

  • Dear Manny

    It has been 1 year today!... more »

  • I Can'T Be Me

    I'll do anything 4 you, but give up
    my virginity...

    If you can't except that then it... more »

  • I Will Never Forgive You

    Night by nightfall,
    I see you in the snow,
    that you are not true,
    you took my love,... more »

  • Just Let It Be

    Everday i hear these sad songs
    thinking of only you
    memories come back
    reacting so fast... more »

  • Left Behind

    I miss your smile,
    I miss your smell,
    But most of all,
    I miss you well!... more »

  • Real Love

    Once upon a time
    I loved you so much,
    I thought it was a crime!... more »

  • We'Re Through

    Night by Night
    I dream as if you are true,
    I see you lying there just
    looking at me, I see you... more »

  • Your Name

    I wrote your name in the sky,
    but the wind blew it away.

    I wrote your name in the sand,... more »