I grew up, reading books in the corners of dusty libraries. Writing poetry to ease the sorrows inside of my chest. It seemed so natural to me, coming to me like breathing.
I grew to love writing poetry, I grew to love writing my own works. My own stories and own universes with a pen and paper.
Reading was always my joy, and now, I wish to bring that joy to someone else.


Selene White Poems

Soft Autumn Rain

Why are you ever so calming?
Reminding me of a distant song
From so long ago that I can barely recall... more »

Saturday Morning

Waking up to a pink lemonade sunrise
Shining into my mocha eyes
Dreams replaying in my head... more »

If You Let Me Love You

I've got more to prove than most
Opening old wounds on the heart
Just to prove a point... more »

Selene White Quotes

There are two types of people, ones that can create whole universes inside of their minds, having a dimming world view. An escape from reality. The other is gullible, thinking this world is perfect as it is.
Selene F. White
The Sun is the one who sings you a song in the mornings; a wake up call. The Moon is the ones who whispers tales long forgotten into your dreams.
Selene F White

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