• A Heart Caught In The Rain

    Rain pounding against my window

    A silent song in the city's busy hum... more »

  • Always

    Humming a soft tune
    I sigh as my fingers brush
    Your tan collarbones
    You slyly smile... more »

  • Attempt One

    Attempt one was when I was far too young
    To understand the loneliness,
    The pain in my heart... more »

  • Bewitched

    A woman like you

    Has no right to cast such a powerful spell... more »

  • Empty

    Empty words and promises
    Drip off your tongue like poison
    We both know you don't mean a word you say... more »

  • Finally

    Rough cotton sheets
    Cold winter nights
    Slowly feeling warmer
    Blankets tossed somewhere to the side... more »

  • Forget Your Name

    Where do I go from here?
    Lost in the confusion of words left unsaid
    Drowning in words so sweet
    Cold as winter ice... more »

  • Hopeless

    My bruised knuckles brushed against your soft ones
    The winter wind blowing harshly on my face
    Blowing your blonde locks behind you
    As you laugh softly at my reddened face... more »

  • Ice Blue Sunrise

    Frost on the window painting the room as the sunlight shines through
    Shivering from the cold, wrapped in warmth
    It's an early Sunday morning
    Painting my white silk sheets in a cruel ice blue... more »

  • Ice Sun

    There are twenty-four hours in a day
    During this time of the year, it seems as though the sun's warmth is no more
    Is this because my heart has become as cold as the Earth below me?
    Is this because my heart has become as numb as my fingertips have from the cold?... more »

  • If You Let Me Love You

    I've got more to prove than most
    Opening old wounds on the heart
    Just to prove a point... more »

  • Night Dance

    You, my dear, who murders me in hotel bed sheets
    Tangled in them so that I can no longer breathe
    As my heart flutters with love... more »

  • Saturday Morning

    Waking up to a pink lemonade sunrise
    Shining into my mocha eyes
    Dreams replaying in my head... more »

  • Set Me Free

    We are one out of seven billion
    On a rock, drifting through space
    That goes beyond infinite, endless... more »

  • Soft Autumn Rain

    Why are you ever so calming?
    Reminding me of a distant song
    From so long ago that I can barely recall... more »

  • Winter Blues

    Lay my head to rest upon the snow
    Breaking the silence with my breath that leaves my lungs
    Leave me here
    Let the winter frost cover me in its cold cruelty... more »