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i have finished my first degree at university, a bachelor of arts degree, majoring in music and minors in theology and literature. i am starting a bachelor of education (primary) next year, and then will go on and do my arts honours year, and then a PhD in music, all at the same university. Years ago, there was a competition held by write4fun, to which i entered my poem called 'Alone and Forgotten' and had it published in a book. (didn't get anywhere though) . in the second term of year nine (2005) our head of department for religious education spoke to the school, and said that the mary mackillop museum was holding a mary mackillop poetry competition, where we had to write a poem that had to do with mary mackillop and her works and teachings, which the poem i wrote is called 'how i changed' and i received a highly commended. from that i just have written poems from then on, and i had written a lot of poems in grade 9, but they was all really lame, so i chucked them out. but i have gotten into writing poems again, though with uni and work, i don't have much time to do anything! on the 18th July 2009, i put up about 17/18 poems, these were done for two different university assignments, one 500 word one and one 2000 word one (yes i was crazy, and did it in poems instead of a short story and i wrote the 'social justice/homelessness sonnet' in less than half an hour and it was the first sonnet i'd ever written in my entire life! goes to show i am weird. i have gotten back into writing poetry. i did detour and have been writing a lot of songs/lyrics. but now my poems are better than ever! Though now I have been writing a lot of songs, moreso than poetry, but both are improving exceptionally fast!



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