• Choices

    Choices that we make seem somtimes like mistakes
    yet the one thing we forget is that the choices are in are head
    they shape us and make us to be who we are
    but in the end they matter very little... more »

  • Cruel Love

    Love is nothing but pain
    Pain is nothing but sadness
    Sadness is nothing but loneliness
    Being alone is what we have to look forward to... more »

  • Drugs Or Love

    If love is gone but the drug it stays
    Kiss love goodbye till better days
    Because if its angry it won't come back
    So smoke your dope but stay on track... more »

  • Flow

    Snowing inside
    Hot Outside
    Up is down
    Down is up... more »

  • Hearts

    Love is horrible
    it consumes you and destroys you
    nothing good can come from it
    only pain in the end... more »

  • Lost

    Running in circles
    going nowhere
    wishing someone would pull me from the nightmare
    hoping somewhere there is something to stop me from this force... more »

  • Loverick

    There once was a word named love
    It made people feel good and smug
    until one day it got angry
    and just up and left me... more »

  • Matt Is Dead

    there once was a boy named Matt
    he ate so much food he was fat
    no women would touch him
    so his future was grim... more »