• Blockade Break

    Playing a breathless chess
    A placid board, a miming case
    All mingling
    And tuning in,... more »

  • Death Of A River Or A Suicide Note

    There is a rise in me
    Lethal and ancestral,
    Rhetorically speechless,
    And sinking beneath the shadow... more »

  • Hap Hazard Rhymes

    Memory and fancy
    Have difference no stronger
    One fine discrepancy
    They sustain no longer.... more »

  • Novels

    Under a single bind
    Page after page
    For minds, there is no cage
    Crossing the bay... more »

  • People

    We meet them in the novels
    in sketches and in fables
    Their eyes down, faces veiled
    And we come to know(don’t we?)... more »

  • Poetic Inspiration

    Inspiration, an offspring fountain
    Aroused by a meticulous rain
    Before it turns poetic, it flows down
    To the spawning plain-... more »

  • Solitude

    A poet’s luxury or a maiden’s tears
    A station for derailed cheers.

    But a rigorous kind, a cornered one... more »

  • The Circle Passed Off

    Steps one or two, hesitant,... more »