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Beauty In Life

I don't want to hide our love anymore,
having secret conversations, acting like I haven't talked to you
I want to be able to hold hands in public again, like before.
hearing you say 'I love you too' <3... more »


I am sensitive, though you may not know
I am invisible, but i show
I am a kind heart
I am comingly very smart... more »

Imperfection From The Daughters Point Of View

I lay here and ask myself 'Am I really that bad? '
while the tears flood my face, i slowly cry myself to sleep
your words hurt so bad, they cut so deep
i know i'm not the ideal daughter, but i didn't know i needed to be perfected.... more »

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Dalton Huffstetler 21 Sep 2012 05:26
Id like to just say that im greatful for ur poeams. there truthful and inspiring.ur poems can connect to everyone around you.thank you for ur poems thay get me through my life
Dalton Huffstetler 21 Sep 2012 05:20
I just want to say that i am greatfull and that ur poems can to connect to anyone including me. I wish u luck in the future.And I hope ill meet you one day lol