• As I Lay Here Thinking

    As i lay here thinking,
    unable to sleep,
    unable to speak.
    The tears flood my face, i'm sinking.... more »

  • Beauty In Life

    I don't want to hide our love anymore,
    having secret conversations, acting like I haven't talked to you
    I want to be able to hold hands in public again, like before.
    hearing you say 'I love you too' <3... more »

  • Coincidentally

    I stood there grudgingly, as you walked right infront of me.
    I couldn't believe how you said you loved and missed me the week before and now acted as if i wasn't once yours.
    The pain broke my heart to the core.
    The night began, and you were gone again.... more »

  • Day After Day

    Day after day I lay here and stare at the same blank wall
    Day after day I 'ease' my thoughts with medication
    Day after day I feel as if i'm a thrall
    Day after day I feel like a victim of social starvation... more »

  • Do I Really Need You?

    They say two is better than one.
    Is that true?
    Sometimes I get lonely...
    But do I really need you?... more »

  • Hold Your Goals Tight

    Hold your goals tight
    because if these goals shall die,
    life becomes uncertain.
    Hold your goals tight... more »

  • I

    I am sensitive, though you may not know
    I am invisible, but i show
    I am a kind heart
    I am comingly very smart... more »

  • I Wanna

    I wanna
    be me
    not care
    what to wear... more »

  • I Would Not Live In Pain

    If I could stop one cild from crying
    I would not live in pain.

    If i could stop one person from dying... more »

  • I, Too, Am A Person

    I, too, am a person.
    I, too, am a person.
    They push me out of their way
    and laugh and make fun... more »

  • I'M Here

    I'm here
    keep your eyes upon me
    I'll guide you down the unpaved road.... more »

  • Imperfection From The Daughters Point Of View

    I lay here and ask myself 'Am I really that bad? '
    while the tears flood my face, i slowly cry myself to sleep
    your words hurt so bad, they cut so deep
    i know i'm not the ideal daughter, but i didn't know i needed to be perfected.... more »

  • It Didn'T Mean, Nor Does It Mean

    First year of hih school mom told me i couldn't date a junior or senior, it didn't mean i wasn't goin to.
    Mom told me not to talk to strangers, or tell them my name,
    it didn't mean i wasn't oin to.
    Dad told me not to get my heart broken more »

  • Knowing This Hurts

    When I see them together, my heart starts to hurt.
    Knowing he loves me, but he's with her.
    Kissing, Hugging, Holding hands...
    That should be me where she stands.... more »

  • No Matter How Hard I Try

    I tried so hard to please you
    i don't know what else you want me to do
    i'm only fifteen
    i'm sorry i can't do everything.... more »

  • So Faraway

    It feels like your a million miles away
    Thats what i thought when i though about you today.
    And it's killing me, without you here by my side.
    my tears are all dried up or I would have cried.... more »

  • Where I'M From

    I was born into an indian heritage and raised with city girl looks,
    To country gal songs
    From a kindhearted mother to a bad-tempered father.
    A broken family is what I came home to.... more »

  • You Can See

    You can see
    she's filled with wonders
    head about to explode
    and seems to be stuck... more »

  • You Should Not Judge

    Please don't look just at my face
    or judge me by my temporary place.
    Please don't laugh, this is a serious case.... more »