• A Candle Of Vision

    A candle burns in a room somewhere around,
    as I search for it with a lingering frown,
    for the day is at rest and I crave for the light,
    to guide me beyond the perimeters of my life.... more »

  • Beauty Of Your Eyes

    I woke up into an amazing scene,
    something about the stars
    and the hope they beam;
    Countless candles lit the way... more »

  • Creations

    Blanket, Blanket in the sky,
    you that cover the outer light
    you that give birth to the night,
    you that evoke fear to the clouded kind,... more »

  • Dreams

    Some dreams are carved by hand,
    Some dreams are sketched on sand,
    And some dreams tend to fade,
    into the loneliness of the shade.... more »

  • Emotions

    In your heart I plant the seeds,
    With tears you nourish their needs
    Let the leaves shelter your tender skin,
    from emotions that burn from deep within.... more »

  • Essence Of Beauty

    From the early hours that shaped my form
    until the night when thoughts were born,
    In a time where Heaven was still blue,
    and words spoken were always true.... more »

  • Eternal Rhyme

    When Mother Earth and Daughter moon,
    move together in subtle move,
    Father Sun feeds them with his radiant spoon,
    but one son grows weary of their ageing food.... more »

  • Garden (Death Of Innocence)

    We were so Young when the doors
    where flung open,
    for we were unable to see
    the visible sorrow of the shade... more »

  • Grains Of Sand

    On Sandy Shores, He Sketched our Soul
    Washed by Sea as time rolls,
    Prismed thoughts in a coloured Sky
    Left us searching and asking why.... more »

  • I Shall Have Peace

    I shall have peace
    after the sun's descent,
    after the moon's ascent,
    against the peaceful trees... more »

  • I Still Could Not See The Sun

    I woke up to a world of dreams,
    a place where my thoughts
    could live and run.
    But you came alone... more »

  • Monarch Of The Night

    As you throne the evening sky,
    how mellow sounds a poet's cry,
    In what dream have we capsized?
    and what beauty immeasurably sized!... more »

  • Queen Of Angels

    Sweet, Sweet Angel of Mine,
    let me see your shine throughout the night,
    unfold your wing across my life.
    and let us share the moments of days gone by.... more »

  • Silence

    If I should wake up dead
    once the seasons are gone and fed,
    I will be as silent as a tree,
    and your tears stream like rivers... more »

  • The Angel That Fell From The Sky

    On a day not different from any day
    An Angel fell from the sky in my way
    He met me with a wicked smile
    but I did not heed the sign... more »

  • The Awakeining

    The heavens grew dark at the ageing of the sky,
    for it reflected the children's fright
    when from the bottom of the sea,
    it emerged with a killing spree.... more »

  • The Blanket Of Blue

    I sit and watch a Blanket of Blue
    and it dawns on me there is more than one hue
    to help me express
    my thoughts and desires for you.... more »

  • The Chair

    I am sitting on a chair,
    not a very expensive chair,
    yet i know it is not right,
    that I never thanked her... more »

  • The Creature Of Thought

    Dark Day, Bright night,
    spears from heaven rip through
    the curtains shielding my mind,
    Now my eyes may see... more »

  • The Dream - Part I (The Old Man)

    An Old Man lay down to sleep
    On the grass beneath an Olive tree
    All his life he worked with pride
    and now it was time to rest his stride... more »

  • The Dream - Part Ii (The Specter)

    It seemed like a long time ago
    that I felt through a cloud blow
    a chill to calm the day's decline
    as I sat to sip a cup of wine.... more »

  • The Fall Of Muse

    What love, what joy, what peace,
    onto which my mind had seized,
    Her arrow my heart did pierce,
    and blood flowed with such fierce,... more »

  • The Living Hope

    As I swim halfway across the living hope
    I listen to the chains of life whisper to my soul,
    they suggest to me that I am not alone in my quest
    to reach my final goal, for there will exist... more »

  • The Long Wait

    I wait for time to pass
    watching sand in the hour glass,
    expecting to find you here,
    time spent will never return.... more »

  • The Old Man

    I met a man down by the sea,
    he seemed as old as time can be
    I asked him his name,
    but he just shook his head,... more »