• Along The Milkyway

    Along the night stars I walk
    Past the milky way
    Not a soul with whom I can talk
    not a single word must I say... more »

  • An Old Man

    An old man lies in bed,
    Awaiting death to arrive,
    He had an accident in the shed,
    He feels he’s not going to survive,... more »

  • Beloved Don'T Cry

    As I wipe your tears away
    I hold your hand and begin to say
    I will always be here
    So don’t cry not one more tear... more »

  • Bit By Bit

    Don’t you know your breaking my heart?
    Bit by bit each day were apart
    Im sorry, I cant do this anymore
    I see the darkness at he door,... more »

  • Blood So Red

    I sit in a corner, surrounded by mist,
    Staring at the blood running down my wrist,
    Glancing at the knife, covered in blood so red,
    Screaming at god asking why im not dead,... more »

  • Branches A Flame

    In the woods not far from here,
    You see a lonely tree, under the night so clear,
    Surrounded by rocks, rivers, and streams,
    Enchanted by trickles of love and dreams,... more »

  • Cry...

    cry cry cry little one,
    cry into the night,
    for in darkness you stand alone,
    no-one to hold you tight,... more »

  • Heart Of Gold

    They said I have a heart of gold,
    That I was sent down from heaven and into the fold,
    An innocent, beautiful creature of love,
    An angel that flew on the wings of a dove,... more »

  • I Know

    Tell me, tell me,
    Do you still want to dance and sing?
    Do you still enjoy life, and happy things?
    Do you still love with all of your heart?... more »

  • Ill Be There

    you feel the hate taking control,
    you feel it aching deep in your soul,
    come little one i'll dry your tears,
    i'll sit with you throughout the years,... more »

  • Live

    Life is great life is fun
    If u stand positive under the sun
    Ur head held high in the air
    And at all the love around u stare... more »

  • Mother Of Mine

    Mother of mine are u lost?
    Tangled in web and vine?
    Sitting there with eyes of frost, nodding your head to say your fine,
    I will save u…... more »

  • Night Rain

    Im so cold as I stand in the night rain,
    My heart breaks as I feel this pain,
    I turn to you but your not there,
    So all alone into the night sky I stare,... more »

  • Off With My Dreams

    The days go bye, one by one,
    I see the goddess of the moon,
    And the goddess of the sun,
    They come together and sing a sad tune,... more »

  • Painful Regret

    All these feelings deep in my heart
    Cant handle this its tearing me apart
    Its all to much my heart is broken
    A painful regret with the words I’ve spoken... more »

  • Pray

    i pray that im swept away
    the ocean swallows me
    dont want to play today... more »

  • Pushed And Shoved

    Pushed and shoved all around,
    Hit to the cold muddy ground,
    Drenched in sweat blood and tears,
    Trying so hard to hide from the fears,... more »

  • Sorry Mum

    Im sorry mum,
    I know you love me so,
    But the pain was just too much,
    I really had to go,... more »

  • The Mystery's Of My Despair

    In the depths of joy,
    My heart is waking,
    In the depths of sorrow,
    My heart is breaking,... more »

  • Thoughts

    ... more »

  • Under The Night Sky

    The cold I feel when your not there,
    The darkness closes in,
    I wish u knew how much I care,
    Every time your not here the lights seem to dim.... more »

  • Wanna Run Wild With Me?

    Do u wanna run wild with me?
    To go as far as the eye can see,
    U know your happy when your wit me,
    Lets run as wild as can be,... more »

  • What Would You Do

    What would u do?
    If he doesn’t come home
    If he left u all alone
    What would u do?... more »

  • Whispers In The Darkness

    Im trying to find the light,
    I can’t see you, your nowhere in sight,
    As I thrust my head towards the sky,
    I can’t find u, I can’t find u, I begin to cry,... more »

  • Who Am I?

    Watching the ocean with eyes of glass,
    Thinking of times that have come to pass,
    Feeling the tender breeze upon my face,
    Searching for myself between time and space.... more »