• A, B, C Defenestrate

    Allegations out you go!
    Bastard Nations also blow
    Crime be gone and tossed away
    Devil Worship, held to fray... more »

  • Abomination

    Exasperation, abominations
    Admiration!... more »

  • In The Weeble World

    Answering the phone she bumped
    her already swollen mouth
    as trickling blood slid off her brow
    she would vent a sorrow now... more »

  • Lately

    Lately my heart’s been feeling heavy,
    my chest is tight,
    my ribs they tremble
    Lately my stomach turns food into payback,... more »

  • Life’s Overrated

    We’ve spat it
    We’ve ate it
    We love it
    We hate it... more »

  • Seductive Eradication

    She likes it rough
    slammed from behind
    Heart racing,
    panting on her side... more »

  • Sexy?

    Sexy is as sexy does
    Not whom you are or whom you was
    Not what you wear or if you’re hot
    The outside sexy it is not... more »

  • The Ride

    Are you ready for the ride my friends
    Oh, once stared it may never end!
    hold tight to, then comprehend;
    that thing called life (or just a trend?)... more »

  • Time For Cabinet Doors

    6: 00 am coffee’s brewing
    6: 01 a cigarette sparked
    and I’m looking out the window
    into the world... more »

  • Why?

    My heart’s swollen, overflowin’
    with the warmth you have for me
    “Why is it you became my Mother? ”
    will always rest a mystery... more »