• For You

    Everything that I do
    I do for you
    All the things that I say
    All those things are true... more »

  • Honesty

    If I know I love you why cant I say so?
    If you don’t want to leave then why do you go?
    Why is it that when we hear the truth we have to twist and cringe?
    When will this prison door finally unhinge?... more »

  • Listen

    I listened to every word you said
    But you told me you didn’t care
    I tried to make you happy
    And you told me I wasn’t going anywhere... more »

  • My Sorrow

    I dream, I twist and turn in my sleep
    I try to look away
    But all I can do is weep
    Everyone has their own share of sorrow... more »

  • Shaken Love

    What happened to all those promises that I said would never break
    Now as I stand here in this darkness
    I ask
    When did our love start to shake... more »

  • The Line

    The Line

    I’m standing on this line
    I cant take one step forward or back... more »

  • These Memories

    These Memories

    These memories have been welded into my heart
    The tears, the laughs, the smiles, and the rides in a shopping cart... more »

  • Trying

    I’m trying to find a reason for me to stay
    Trying to find myself back
    Trying find myself a way
    But every time I come close you push me away... more »