He has been teaching to various levels from school to college students at varying time spans.
Main subjects of study are English Language, English Literature and Computer Science.
He has written articles for different websites and newspapers like:
1. http: //blogs.thenews.com.pk/blogs/author/shahid-saleem-butt/
2. http: //www.zindgy.com
3. http: //lhrtimes.com/author/shahidsaleem/
4. http: //www.amazon.com/Shahid-Saleem-Butt/e/B00N943CBI my five books at (www.kdp.amazon.com)
5. http: //weightlossfuture.blogspot.com/
6. http: //ezinearticles.com/? expert=Shahid_Saleem_Butt (Expert writer at Ezinearticles.com)


Shahid Saleem Butt Poems

The Dignity Day

The dignity Day
My dignity with me, yours with you;
I fall to the deepest pits,
When I consider myself,... more »

An Infant's Acknowledgment - O Mother O Creator's Best Creation! Are Ye Human, Angel, Or Aromatic Cosmic Mall?

An Infant's Acknowledgment

O Mother, O Creator's best creation! Are ye human, angel, or aromatic cosmic mall?... more »

Life Is Spiral

Life is spiral like expanding universe
It revolves and extends
The same events with novelty
To occur again;... more »

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