• 21st Century

    Amazement is not yet lessened,
    The Earth still revolves around,
    The planets and galaxies go on,
    They circle on determined routes;... more »

  • A Mesh

    A Mesh
    Over the loathsome lying culture,
    I see a hovering leading vulture,
    Came from the distant alien land,... more »

  • A Mysterious Whisper

    One wintry cold midnight I abased,
    Amid the ruins,
    The moonlight impinged,
    On features of the scattered objects,... more »

  • A Question

    A dumb damsel standing on the brim,
    At the moonlit night, engrossed, forlorn,... more »

  • An Evident Soul

    I am not confound and confused,
    Like any arguing philosopher,
    Or calculating mathematician,
    For I can observe with vivid vision,... more »

  • An Intent

    Oh! God, bless me and all,
    The world is quite changed into,
    The flaming thorny wilderness.
    My eyes can see no more,... more »

  • An Untold Tale

    In the miseries of life,
    Amid the grove of ambitions,
    At one night I alone pondered,
    What is this love, heathenness?... more »

  • At The Gate Of A Hospital

    Lo! Who is being down loaded,
    From the ambulance,
    Covered with the bed sheet,
    All spotted with blood,... more »

  • Be Not The Characters

    Be not the characters,
    Of fictitious and romantic tales,
    And alluring folk legends;
    How can we elope,... more »

  • Before You Returned

    Before You Returned

    Who peeps into through the broken windows?
    Who faltering advances adorning lamps of tears?... more »

  • Blackness Of The Dark Night

    Who bears the innocent shining rosy figures,
    And works being pressed under the load of life.
    He counts days and nights, as a prisoner does,
    After being sentenced long tiring punishment,... more »

  • Child Labour

    Who has handed over the iron wands,
    Hammers, spanners to flowery hands?
    Who has killed all the twinkling worms,
    Snatching toys and dolls of fairylands?... more »

  • Desertedness Groans

    Desertedness groans and moans,
    That a shepherd feeds the bellies of his herd,... more »

  • Do Something Sensible

    O! Man,
    Do some thing sensible,
    Though of a little value and worth;
    If you do not have the courage,... more »

  • Drop The Weapons

    Drop the weapons and hold in your hands,
    Tufts of coloured roses, the boughs of olives,
    Or handful of fragrant flowers of jasmine,
    Throw them all upon your enemies just once,... more »

  • God’s Omniscience

    God has the eyes that can observe,
    Into the subterranean layers of mind,
    To see the deep recesses of the thoughts,
    All occurrences pass in front of Him,... more »

  • I Ask Someone To Resolve

    Whenever I depart
    To the new destinations,
    Your memories
    Begin to emerge up in the mind.... more »

  • I Could Dissolve Myself

    O! God; the world is a riddle,
    Where fate does play and fiddle.
    Would that I could find a friend,
    To whom I could my heart lend,... more »

  • In The Multitude Of London

    In the multitude of London
    I happened to see a depressed figure,
    With cascading hair, blue shimmering eyes,
    Silky skin, face with the grace of an Angel,... more »

  • Just Seven Years

    How long time a man requires,
    To get shattered the tuft of desires,
    And decisions to write and erase,
    Bend to Almighty God and praise,... more »

  • Love

    A thrilling link between the hearts,
    That makes them perturbed;
    Luminosity of the enlightened souls,
    A shimmering glimmering path,... more »

  • Man Versus Satan

    Both: Man and Satan are the fuel of falsehood,
    But the ingredient that tell between them,
    Is of stupendous, quite contradictory, opposing.... more »

  • Market

    A place where the seller and the buyer,
    Betray each other,
    And after the successful bargain,... more »

  • Merging, Emerging

    The forsaken are recollected,
    The forgotten are remembered,
    But one who resides in the deep,
    Recesses of the temple of the heart,... more »

  • Mother

    Mother: bounteous blessing,
    A sheltering shield, fragrant flower,
    Gurgling founting fountain of love,
    Incarnated patience and sacrifice;... more »