• A Face Full Of Lies

    She lied to everyone she knew
    Now she hates the life she s going through
    When she looked in the mirror all she could see
    was a person she didn't want to be... more »

  • A Little Ghost Story

    As I was going to bed
    I turned out my light
    tucked myself in
    on a long winter's night... more »

  • A Little Secret

    I have a little secret
    I want to share with you
    It's about this boy
    That looks like almost like you... more »

  • A Sad Poem

    With her pretty blue dress
    and her big pretty bow
    a little girl waited for her mom
    who didn't show... more »

  • All About Me

    I love to play sports,
    to write, and to draw too
    listening to music
    is another thing I do... more »

  • Apart

    We broke up
    and now we are apart
    and now I feel like so many pieces
    have just tore from my heart... more »

  • Come And Take Me

    Come and take I dont care
    Please just come and take me anywhere
    I just dont care anymore about anyone or this place
    please just come and take me I dont want to see her face... more »

  • Dad

    You taught me many things
    like the things I know of today
    You're the best dad in the world
    in every single way... more »

  • Do You Feel The Same Way?

    When I see you
    I want to cry
    but when I'm down
    you dont ask why... more »

  • Empty Paper Sack

    A little girl 'bout age twelve
    walking down the street
    watching people go by
    always saying hello... more »

  • Friend I'Ll Never Forget

    I've had friends
    throughout the years
    but the friend I'm gonna tell you about
    will make you cry into tears... more »

  • Growing Up

    I still remember
    when I was so small
    You would just sit and watch me
    playing with my favorite ball... more »

  • How Much I Love You

    I wish you knew how much I love you
    And how I think of you each day
    You're the only one to think about
    In every single way... more »

  • I Know You Know

    When you read my poems
    I know you know they are about you
    I see it in your face when you read them
    your eyes tell me too... more »

  • I Want To Be Myself

    I want to be an astronaut!
    a little boy yelled out
    I want to be a gambler!
    another dared to shout... more »

  • I Wish We Were More Than Friends

    Do you notice me when I walk by?
    Why won't you ask me out, is it because you're shy?
    I told you I would be here if you needed a friend
    and told you that our friendship will never end.... more »

  • Innocent Dreams

    A white man was at a playground
    pushing his son on the swing
    'Look son, ' said the white man
    'Never play with that....thing! '... more »

  • It's My Life Not Yours

    Why cant people understand
    what I feel inside?
    They dont need to know everything
    I dont need to confide... more »

  • Just A Friend

    I can tell that you like me
    I see it in your eyes everyday
    but I dont think that you realize
    that I dont feel the same way... more »

  • My Angel Friend

    She speaks to me softly
    even though I'm not there
    soft as a whisper
    always listening at wht she has to share... more »

  • My Family

    My family is the greatest
    I could tell you a list of reasons why they are
    and they are also the reason
    I have made it this far... more »

  • No Trust

    Why do you want to hurt me?
    Why do you make me cry?
    Do you even know
    how much pain you cause inside?... more »

  • She Would Rather Die

    She believed that no one loved her
    or even cares
    she doesnt care about anything
    especially what she wears... more »

  • So In Love

    I still love you
    even though we're so far apart
    and everyday when I see you at school
    so many pieces tear from my heart... more »

  • The Car Crash

    I will tell you a story
    about how I found my way
    and how my guardian angel
    saved my life that day... more »