• ' Baby '

    baby do you kno how i fill
    since you always want to keep it real
    maybe we can do it this one time
    you tell me your secret... more »

  • ' My Feelings '

    i fill that she love me
    i hope she does
    i put all i could into this relationship
    and now i fill like wat i did wasn't enough... more »

  • ' What If '

    what if i said i didn't love
    what would you do
    what if i said i didn't want you
    what would you do... more »

  • ' Wondering '

    As the sun set into the sky
    I start to wonder why
    As the moon rises
    I start to wonder why... more »

  • 'Why'

    you listen to wat they tell you
    but you never ask me about it
    i cry because i love you
    but i see you dont care... more »