• A Girl's Tale

    You must have seen a few roses bloom
    With beauty insane, ending up in tomb
    I aren't that thorn, mind you again,
    Lying across the soil under cloudy rain... more »

  • A Happy Man Indeed

    There lived a man with one eye
    but happy like sun and birds
    he lived alone all his life,
    having very little to shed... more »

  • An Old Friend Of Mine

    i remember a friend of mine
    who used to be close to my eyes
    always in a turmoil of rage and courage
    in between the line of love and hate... more »

  • Change Is Here

    Speak up now, now itself
    get up before we fall,
    go on and make this move
    if we don't stand up now... more »

  • Companion

    No days can match my days with you
    filled my life with words and hue
    you my friend, you know me good
    may not remember the days we ruled... more »

  • Death In Sight

    Never realized when it is going to come
    When is it living to die?
    And let me off my life
    At what moment will it be goodbye?... more »

  • Ending Steps

    This skin will nest maggots on end
    No sign of me stays through long
    My breath won’t kick dust, no more
    Within it will move death inward?... more »

  • Fear

    Fear can be a very bad thing
    In it is lost the essence of being
    Darkness, murk and gloom all lost
    Within in the stream of a deadly spin... more »

  • Flowers Don'T Stay

    I have a plant in my mind and I want it planted in my heart
    I knew this won’t happen with an easy pace
    for it takes what I can’t give
    my heart has no soil for a plant so nubile... more »

  • Forgotten

    Forgotten days

    ‘Some days are meant to fade away
    some roads we leave and move ahead’... more »

  • Hopeful

    i ain't no killing no one
    i ain't destroying lives
    all i'm doing is trying my best
    to listen to the words of my mind... more »

  • I Care No More

    No more nests to build, no more seeds to spill
    I care no more
    of love and pain and change and shame
    I've walked too long with my head intact... more »

  • I Wish I Could Write....

    Friends, you won't believe the level of laziness i'm going through... the last time i wrote some verses was way back in April... so i just wrote this non-poetry theme for explaining my current state of affair! ! !

    I wish I could write down like I used to... but now-a-days its more like laziness has crept over me and I'm stranded inside of me. I'm working two jobs 6 1/2 days a week to make sure my idle mind doesn't get it fodder for devil and my pocket stays comfy. But still I'm getting all weaned up of my earlier creative side which included newspaper clippings and poems and stories and novels alike.... more »

  • Life Of His Own

    he knew not how to sin
    or how to break hearts in twain
    all he did was spoke his mind
    and left the devil to win,... more »

  • Lost

    In innocence lies love
    unheld by words
    drowned in emotions,
    of lonely existence... more »

  • Loving You.

    What is there to love, except,
    some words of wit, cadence of praise
    in bountiful lores of delicious taste,
    a beguiling line of face called smile... more »

  • Mute Lane

    I’ve seen some places
    where dreams are sold
    tears are bargained
    and smiles are stored... more »

  • Remember Me

    When the darkness falls on your brow,
    and you don't see nor you know,
    just remember me, my love
    for I loved you more than I ever could show.... more »

  • Richness For Me

    If i were a rich man,
    i wouldn't care any less,
    would have kissed goodbye,
    every vices i got and... more »

  • Runaway Woman

    She is looking so pale, so ill, so ugly
    Her looks was the envy of her place
    She was in love with a man, they say
    Was a man of losing words and faith... more »

  • Stains Of War

    Blood has spilled, rain bade bye
    Sun still kissing the wounds alive... more »

  • The Bests Among The Rest

    the best of minds may not be slated on the first bench,
    just like the best criminals are not found in a cornered prison,
    the best of musicians might be busking under a dirty bridge,
    the best of writers may have a weak pen,... more »

  • Tired Dream

    I see a tired dream,
    A dream that won't wake or lie
    I see it coming on to me
    In my sleep and in my shame... more »

  • Too Much To Content

    what if we knew why we dream, why we live and why we breath
    why we cheat and why we spill
    what if we knew all the colors and all the words
    and emotions... more »

  • Truth Spoke Last Night

    A wind of change whistled quietly
    adjusting itself around the hurdles
    nothing came in between
    no one called to stop it... more »