• Autumn Dance

    Fall.... more »

  • Childhood Is Over

    Oreo cookies and apple tarts
    Childhood is over and is crushes my heart
    Gone are the days of butter and toast
    Here are the days I hate the most... more »

  • Closing Of The Day......

    Children snuggle deep into your arms, giggle, 'I love you.'

    Lovers squeeze the tightest as they drift off to sleep, mumble, 'you feel so good.'... more »

  • Damp Tomb

    Living in a chrysalis of sadness
    Cocooning myself in pain
    Living in the shadows of my darkness
    Screaming... more »

  • Devotion

    Bow down;
    Lord, Divine Mother, Beloved, Friend;
    Not as an overly adorned peacock, but as a simply clothed servant.
    Bow down to kiss the blessed lotus feet... more »

  • Four Walls

    My freedom is subjugated to your stagnate walls.
    My mind has zero structures; inside I fall.
    You fiend, you ogre, my master, my nave.
    My life is given unwillingly and ordered to behave.... more »

  • I Lingered

    I linger too long in the silence
    I softly tread upon gossamer truths
    I tip toe on fragile lies
    I lie waiting in whispers... more »

  • I Love You

    ... more »

  • Just Be

    Just to be in a cabin in the woods during a rain storm curled up on the front porch with a blanket and someone I love and just be
    Just be in love
    Just be still in the moment
    Just be silent in the world of noise... more »

  • No Longer A Dream

    ... more »

  • The Day Is Done........

    The day is done.

    The dinner is over.... more »

  • The Ritual For The Ravens

    Women dressed in black cloth, leather, and feathers
    One with a sword of silver
    One with a bow and arrows of brass and wood; the warriors
    One with one covered in Iridescent black shimmering in green feathers and a beak; the Raven Goddess... more »

  • The Wild Women

    The wild women in the woods
    Incense wafting in the air; sage
    Cannabis and coughs
    Drumming and whooping... more »

  • Weather The Storm

    Broken and bashed; body slammed against the rocks
    Flesh tears like wet tissue paper
    Water tinged pink
    Waves keep rolling ferociously in... more »

  • Winter Is Coming............

    Children awaken me in the early light;
    'Winter is coming' they shout in unison
    'The leaves have danced off the limbs and the the trees are going to sleep, Mama.' says one.
    'Winter is coming' claps two and three as they parade around on my bed... more »