• For Mom

    A little older and a little wiser
    without you mom i would be a little feistier
    We had our fights and shed our tears
    but when i needed you mom you were always there... more »

  • Forgot

    You forgot my name
    and you forgot our place
    you forgot my love
    and the tears streaming down my face... more »

  • I Love

    I love the way you smile at me
    I love the way you kiss my cheek
    I love the fact you say you care
    and that no matter what you will always be there.... more »

  • Reputations

    A reputation is not a play thing
    A reputation is not a toy
    but if you want it ruined
    just give it to a boy... more »

  • Us

    As i started to think about us
    I realized they were right
    relationships are based on trust
    all we ever did was fight... more »

  • What I Want In A Guy

    I want a guy who looks at me,
    even when his friends are around
    he makes it a point to kiss my cheek... more »

  • Your Not Worth It

    Your not worth the pain I'm in
    your not worth the tears that fall
    your not worth what you put me through
    your not worth this shit at all... more »