I am 30 years old married with two beautiful children. I write from the heart and I use influences. I wrote in high school and quit for a long time. Started up again with a friends inspiration. The moment called for it and I just kept up with it. I find it very theraputic.


Shane Clift Poems

A Friend To You

Here is a hug from me to you
A kiss on the cheek to help the sun shine through
A smile for your eyes so only sweet thoughts go through your mind
A laugh for your ears to help ease any fear... more »

I Wish You Enough

I wish you strength
I wish you love
I wish you blessings from above
I wish you hope... more »

Would You Miss Me

I am sad and don't really know why.
Did Juliet know what she was doing when she died?
Was it love or did she hurt so much she wanted to go above?
Would you miss me if I left? Would you know I was gone? Would you care if I dared?... more »

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