• A Friend To You

    Here is a hug from me to you
    A kiss on the cheek to help the sun shine through
    A smile for your eyes so only sweet thoughts go through your mind
    A laugh for your ears to help ease any fear... more »

  • A Mothers Love

    When your skies are dark and no one seems to care
    A mothers love is always there
    She eases the pain and fixes the hurt
    She laughs and cries always with adoring eyes... more »

  • A Single Tear

    A single tear drops from my eye.
    The death of a child is on my mind.
    A feeling so strong its impossible to ignore
    A piece of a puzzle I am trying to restore.... more »

  • Addiction

    These urges I have are hard to fight.
    Addicted to something I do not want.
    The temptation is there.
    It flows through my veins.... more »

  • Angel At Your Back

    For Cena Rose (had you in mind when this came to me)

    Reaching out to touch someone.
    A heart I must mend to heal my own.... more »

  • Cancer

    ... more »

  • Dance

    The music plays and the smiles grow
    A fast song playing as you start to move
    The tension builds as I stare into your eyes
    To sway as one the whole room stops... more »

  • Dear Romeo

    I miss your lips
    I miss your arms
    I miss your breath
    I miss your charm... more »

  • Devotion And Desire

    I devote my time to life
    I desire to be loved
    I devote my faith to the heavens
    I desire to be free... more »

  • Dont Forget To Remember Me

    (For Nick)

    You forgot about me
    You forget that I am home... more »

  • Eagle

    I try to reach it but I can't it is flying to high.
    I try to leash it but I cannot it is too smart.
    I try to catch it but it seems impossible for it is too fast.
    I see it fly up above the trees high above the land.... more »

  • Expensive Rose

    A treasured rose
    Worth more than gold
    A silver stem
    With leaves of platinum... more »

  • For My Husband

    (For Nick)

    Spring time falls down
    Summer breezes by... more »

  • Happiness And Insanity

    Can it be wrong to trust yourself? Can it be wrong to cling to beliefs? Some trust to a fault and only aim to please. Not knowing it can be a thin line between happiness and insanity.

    Temptation is out there. Morals are challenged. True happiness is questions. Changes are in the future, it will happen. Everyday the path we walk is a decision we make. Two side of a road but along the same path.... more »

  • He Called Them Home

    The news is sad
    God called them home
    A better place they have gone
    The sky is blue and there is no wrong... more »

  • Heartbreak

    I built you up.
    Helped get you there.
    You moved on and left me here.
    I cried last night. Not sure why.... more »

  • I Let Him Go

    I let him go, I just told him so.
    My heart is breaking.
    A new love he found, his happiness is abound.
    I cannot stop that.... more »

  • I Need You And You Are Not Here

    I need you but you are not here.
    The world is crashing around me and I am filled with fear.
    I lost my faith but I held on tight.
    It has been ripped from my hands.... more »

  • I Wish You Enough

    I wish you strength
    I wish you love
    I wish you blessings from above
    I wish you hope... more »

  • In A Dream

    I cried last night, you didn't know.
    You haven't a clue how close I am to letting go.
    I have tried all I could, done everything I should.
    Somethings still missing, yet you don't seem to see how near you are to losing me.... more »

  • Life Quote

    ... more »

  • Lifes Summary

    Summer-time is here, there is still snow on the ground.
    As time passes I begin to frown.
    I look into the mirror the wrinkles begin to show.
    What happened? Where did my life go?... more »

  • Love

    ... more »

  • Love Changes

    (For Justin)

    Times change, Love moves on
    Hearts are broken but friends are strong.... more »

  • Nothing There That Isn'T Supposed To Be

    I sit here and see that there is nothing there that isn't supposed to be.
    Always a question as to why and rarely and answer directly in front of me.
    Have not been around in a while, nothing to inspire me. Life is out there so where are we?
    Each day is new and every night we bid adu.... more »