• 121 (The Beginning Of Something More)

    The Story begins with silence and black out, a void. Not darkness. Nor anything that attempts to define nothingness, because it’s nothing. The blackness or void is only a metaphor representing nothing.... more »

  • A Heart Like David

    Sitting in silence
    No light inside the room
    but your shine cracks through the door as I view my soul in clarity as I listen to you whole
    unfold the mysteries of your oceanic heart... more »

  • A Song For My Mom

    I could be completely alone
    don't want to deal with the world outside
    I'm sitting down in the corner and crying...crying... more »

  • A Song For Unrest

    So they tell me that your faith is sinking from opinions
    of all the people
    That's ok because I know I've been there once or twice
    from all the people... more »

  • Anxiety's Hold

    Even the greatest moments, calmest actions, most peaceful energy, would be unable to tear it off once it sticks
    it winds you up for everything and causes one to just pace instead
    Eyes get dizzy from observation of another's and can assimilate the same hold
    Tension continues to escalate and bottling it up only makes the explosion imminent... more »

  • Believe What You Will

    You will see that you are right
    but there is something beyond all this light
    beyond all the theories and thoughts unexplained
    something powerful and higher passed all caught by flames... more »

  • Berserker

    Whirlwind, claws out, air piercing precision
    Listen to the howl, a fast recognition... more »

  • Can You See Me?

    This world is like a moving tapestry
    The spirit behind creation and artistry
    Kaleidoscopic... more »

  • Carry On

    I am a vessel
    waiting to be filled with doubts and reason
    waiting to hear the songs that wave in the atmosphere
    let your influence flow so that we all can pollute our seasons... more »

  • Chain Reaction

    So the bottle bit you in the ass like a snake that you sat on.
    That's your damn fault because you left the kettle on.
    Though it all started when you smoked that last cigarette and didn't see the gas leak that lead to the last day you'd forget.
    To think there isn't fate, is to live a lie.... more »

  • Day/Night Hero

    I am the shadow of the shadow that stalks you in the night
    I am the sun above the sun that burns you in-sight
    I am the devil of the devil that plays with your fright
    I am the beast against the beast, try as he might... more »

  • Dedicated To All That Have Influenced

    You hold on to your sanity as long as you hold onto yourself
    a good musician is the one who writes just to write, just to play a purpose, no, live the purpose, to tell a story
    to make a story... more »

  • Different Density

    Thunder in the stomp and lightning in the palms
    Heavy and dense, the collision is coming on
    Strong surges coursing through as the motions expand the mass
    Intimidation in the fierce force of augmentation beyond grasp... more »

  • Doubt Is Nothing

    The challenge of destiny is self control
    from letting go
    the fates do not ask for you to accept
    they only ask for one to respect... more »

  • Dragon Eyes

    Before the mist cleared and the gates opened
    A bright star shot straight up in the heavens
    emanating freedom fiercely
    A dark dragon followed...stalking his prey... more »

  • Existential

    Being is more than nothing and nothing is more than not

    Something is not defined and everything is what I forgot.... more »

  • Fabric

    The colors are shown
    prism breaking waves of love
    a ripple in thread... more »

  • Face

    All our time
    Is it worth? ...

    Being spent on running away... more »

  • Full Of It

    Talk about the words you say you want to live by
    then throw them away like a cheap toy you wanted at the time
    act like you're trying to be special and tell me you want to be different
    but then go right back to where you left off and watch the days fly... more »

  • Hermit Crab

    I know this place well
    It is where I dwell
    At times it can be forgotten
    Ergo it is my shell... more »

  • Hmm

    I sit inside humanity
    trying to find my sanity
    I can't deny the vanity
    these box of crayons they keep handing me... more »

  • I Feel Like A Ghost

    Committing to the actions of an ill inflicting lie
    abiding to the laws unveiling cloaks between the lines
    searching for the cause of all the walls that blind and bind
    the city sleeps and I will weep unless we're sure to find... more »

  • I'Ll Make It

    My focus will never be lost
    speaking my passions at the cost
    of being a normal person, a family and having a boss
    I walk among the world slow motion as they pass by... more »

  • I'Ll Save You

    So soothe me with melodies so I can sleep away the pain.
    Things get strange, but you stay the same.
    A thought so soon I ever dread, would bury me with it for I swear to the grave it'd never be said.
    Slice your heaven so I may taste the grace of a place I may never see,... more »

  • I'M Moving To South America

    Modern magic can marvel with metal.....

    21st century, is it all what you thought it to be?... more »