• 'Hardtimes' 1

    I wish i could go to a place I don't know
    Where people do think and people don't drink
    A place that is quiet and people are polite
    Somwhere that I'm not told what to do... more »

  • 'Hardtimes' 2

    Now I'm as happy
    As happy as can be
    I've provided that home
    For my children and me.... more »

  • Just A Little Prayer

    God is ever there for those
    Who really, really care
    He helps dispel your cares and woes
    with just a little prayer... more »

  • The Love In Which I Live

    Dearest Lord,

    I wake up each morning with a smile because you're
    there to guide me.... more »

  • Walk With God

    It doesn't matter what your
    race... more »