• A Perfect World

    A perfect world
    Ripped out of my small hand
    Tore my heart in two
    The tears rolling off my cheek... more »

  • Alone

    Is not yours alone
    Tears in your heart
    Are not yours alone... more »

  • Death Makes Angels Of Us All - The Doors

    Your tongue pierces my heart
    like a double edged sword
    Tears rolling off my cheek turning
    to blood as they hit the floor... more »

  • Denial

    I remember that night like it was yesterday
    Driving to the clinic
    Denial is amazing
    Stopping for nicotine enroute... more »

  • Dragon

    Hearing the tears in your voice
    Knowing I let you down
    Exposing the fire within
    Scared you, Scares me too... more »

  • Growing

    Looking beyond the smile
    Seeing what the world doesn't want to see
    Hours in silence
    Feeling your pain... more »

  • I Believe

    You are in control
    You can
    You will
    You will fall... more »

  • I Will Be There

    I will pick you up when you fall
    I will be there for you
    I will wipe your tears
    I will give you laughter... more »

  • You Will Be Missed

    You will be missed
    Your radiant smile
    The way it can light up a room
    Your positive outlook... more »