• Forget

    i think now its time to forget about you
    forget about all the things i put you through
    im sorry for wat i did
    i never thought about wat i said... more »

  • Howcome

    Why do these things happen to me
    Tell me, why does life have to be so unfair
    Howcome you never can find a way to save yourself from dreadful cruelty
    How come? How come?... more »

  • Once More

    Pull myself back together just to fall once more
    I know in my heart you won’t be my score
    I sit around, wondering why you cared
    And it always makes me think... more »

  • Whatever

    My hand is a mirror of all my broken hearts
    I would give you thirty hugs if I could see your smile again
    Listen to my bleeding heartbeat
    And understand the pain I feel... more »