Shannon Faulkner Biography

Shannon Faulkner, born in Powdersville, South Carolina, United States, graduated from Wren High School in 1993, was the first female cadet to enter The Citadel. Faulkner enrolled after a successful lawsuit against the military academy. She joined an otherwise all-male class on August 15, 1995 under the escort of United States Marshals. After four hours of the military indoctrination training, she spent the remainder of the first week in the infirmary before voluntarily resigning, citing emotional and psychological abuse and physical exhaustion. After her departure, the male cadets openly celebrated on the campus.

By December 2009, The Citadel had graduated 205 female cadets since Faulkner's admission. Faulkner now works as a Middle School Teacher at Hughes Academy Of Science and Technology in Greenville, South Carolina.

Writer Pat Conroy paid for Shannon's education after she left the Citadel.