• A Peaceful Place

    I have had thoughts of running away.
    Thoughts of leaving my family someday.
    Thoughts of ending the pain.
    Whispering thoughts of hurt again and again.... more »

  • B.L.A.C.K.

    Beautiful with all my flaws.
    Loving and nurturing compliments it all.
    Assertive when I need to be.... more »

  • Colorful World

    Do you see all of the Beautiful colors.
    So many in this world, yet only few are loved.
    The colors that make the world even more interesting.
    To see these colors are God's blessings.... more »

  • Colors

    My flesh is wrapped in white and black.
    I have my parents to thank for that.
    Excepting the beauty of what's inside me.
    Forever binded by the world's insecurities.... more »

  • Does He? ?

    Ask yourself,
    "Does he love me?
    And if so, "Why does he love me? "
    Am I not good enough for you to pamper,... more »

  • Escaping My Past

    With all of my heartaches
    With all of my losses
    With all of my downfalls
    I found a way to escape.... more »

  • Goodbye Love

    Falling in love with you was easy to do.
    Finding a way to get away from you, that's something new.
    I held us together for as long as I could.
    But your insecurities made it impossible to love you as I should.... more »

  • He Loves Me

    Eyes filled with tears.
    Good ones of how God has carried me through the years.
    Grateful for His Grace and Mercy.
    Though I am not perfect,... more »

  • His Queen

    I am his Queen.
    Whatever his wants and needs are,
    I'll meet them.
    Whenever you see him smile,... more »

  • I Know I Love You

    There's no mistaking that I am in love with you.
    No explanation is needed for the reason why I do.
    It's just something that felt amazingly natural to me.
    At first I was a little hesitant to let you in.... more »

  • Inside I Cry

    I cry out and no one hears me.
    So I cry inside so no one sees me.
    Waiting on the right moment to leap.
    Just gotta get my head together, I have to think.... more »

  • Mirror

    Hello Beautiful.
    Do I know you?
    I've seen you somewhere before.
    You look so familiar to me.... more »

  • My King

    I can tell him a secret
    He'll keep it.
    I can tell him my problems.
    He'll help me fix them.... more »

  • One Day Mommy. One Day.

    'Failure is not an option'
    As my Mom used to say.
    She said I would be great one day.
    She said I could be anything I wanted to be.... more »

  • Prince

    Purposely Rare Intellectually Noble Captivating Effervescent... You are my Love.
    Sent to me from God above.
    Beautifully handmade by God to show the world what beauty is made of.
    You bring joy to my life, and my dark days become beautiful in your light.... more »

  • Respect Me

    The color of my skin makes me no different from you.
    I bleed the same color, and breath the same air as you do.
    You are scared of my strength and Afraid of who I am.
    For what? We are all the same under God's true plan.... more »

  • Shot

    Staring down into a dark and scary hole
    I reach for my chest because There's a story being told.
    The story of my life flashing vigorously in front of me.
    I tried to look away,... more »

  • Stages

    I was molested at 5 by my own father.
    I was raped by my stepfather from age 9- 11.
    At 12 Mom sent me to live my Father
    At 12 he raped me until I was 15.... more »