I started to write poetry as a way to release my pains and emotions and thoughts. I for some reason have to rhyme all the time. I never took any poetry class and just found out what a couplet was about 2 weeks ago. Funny thing was, I just started home schooling my children and it was in his literature assignment.Yet this is new to me sharing them with the public but here goes I say. Hope you enjoy them and move you in some way.THANKS Shannon Middleton


Shannon Middleton Poems

Going Out Of My Mind

Sitting here going out of my mind
Why bother it's a waste of my time
Mothers subjected to everything
The children, cooking, and cleaning... more »

Puffy White Clouds

Up, up, up so high
Puffy white clouds in the sky
Look for a moment tell me what you see...
The winds changing their shapes, what could it be...... more »

Raped By The System

Raped by the system is how I feel,
Raped repeatedly traumas and more ordeals.
It all started behind racial abuse at Huey School
Now raped by the system, No that aint cool.... more »

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