• A Dear Lil Boy- Gone

    To a dear lil boy
    Who could never ever hug a toy
    For I long to hold you up close to my heart
    For that day I feared when you'd part... more »

  • Escape The Past

    To escape the past, humm where to begin
    Locked away in a closet is where it's been
    I've lost my way and point in life
    Hurt, pain, and confusion yet I take it in strife... more »

  • Going Out Of My Mind

    Sitting here going out of my mind
    Why bother it's a waste of my time
    Mothers subjected to everything
    The children, cooking, and cleaning... more »

  • Happy Birthday

    It's July 22,2001, my little one
    It feels like a lifetimes come + gone
    I'm in the hospital this very day
    The smells and the sounds it's as if it were yesterday... more »

  • Puffy White Clouds

    Up, up, up so high
    Puffy white clouds in the sky
    Look for a moment tell me what you see...
    The winds changing their shapes, what could it be...... more »

  • Raped By The System

    Raped by the system is how I feel,
    Raped repeatedly traumas and more ordeals.
    It all started behind racial abuse at Huey School
    Now raped by the system, No that aint cool.... more »

  • Standing Still

    Standing still as my life goes by me
    Cannot hold on much longer see...
    So much going on stuck within a tornado
    Standing within its EYE... more »

  • To Matthew Jr.

    I really love you Matthew Jr.
    I wish you were born a little sooner
    Then and only then you'd be alive today
    Who knows God may have taken you anyway!... more »

  • To Matthew Vincent Jr.

    There are so many words
    Yet there are no words
    For when we looked into your eyes
    No words needed to be spoken.... more »