• Break Out

    Break out
    Break out of this shell that feels like he'll
    no I can't dwell on my past mistakes that binds my soul In restraints
    forget about the past, dont let It harras you, don't make It embarras you... more »

  • Dreams

    Sometimes I can't sleep at night
    Because of my dreams... more »

  • For A Long Time

    For A Long Time
    For a long been a poser
    for century I tried to exodus these sublimal scriptures
    a life span embellishing myself... more »

  • Healing For The ,Heart

    Healing For The Heart
    you and I never really got along
    one good memory i have of you
    is when we watched Antwone Fisher at the movies... more »

  • Staggering Down My Path

    live life learn lessons
    realizing my blessing after all the stressings
    and misdirection being a subordinate
    having misconceptions about life maturing into a black man... more »

  • When I Die

    When I Die
    when I die everyone will cry
    I want a shrine when I die
    I want everyone to get high when I die puff puff pass the joy around... more »