• A Confession

    sorry sorry sorry.............
    I know I've lost value of these words,
    heart is paying action of my mind,... more »

  • A Jazzment

    I had a world, a lovely world
    Holy love, unsung emotion,
    I got everything,
    It was a relation without condition,... more »

  • A Loving Dispute

    A battle between brain and heart,
    brain thinks practically
    heart works emotionally,
    To brain u are not mine,... more »

  • Descent Praposal

    I offer flux of my feeling,
    Wrapped in our emotion;
    Offer unsung stories of night,
    With whom I have long fight;... more »

  • Desire To Live

    I come to know Serving you was my pleasure,
    I come to know what am I without you,
    I come to know what is pain of losing,
    I come to know it's pain more than death,... more »

  • Meeting With Time

    In passing street Idecided to meet,
    To ask a question I reached his house,
    O time! O time! O time!
    When she with me u begin to run why,... more »

  • Now We Don't Talk

    A huge devotion for separation,
    Lonely nights full of your thoughts flight,
    Silence to get something for me arrange everything,
    Few words drops to my heart... more »

  • Silent Pain

    With a passing time I'm loosing power,
    Unable to bear a moment without u,
    Separation's grief for so many days,
    Your anger is not getting down,... more »

  • The Saviour

    Your first sight sowed the love seed in deserted heart,
    Your talking sprouted seed,
    Your voice watered seed,
    Smile played role of sunlight,... more »

  • Unexpected Love

    When I touched your feet, it stopped my heart beat;
    Every drop of water was filling me with your' touch,
    I was bathing in your' love,
    U fulfilled my desire,... more »

  • Virgin Kiss

    Waiting to kiss my first virgin kiss,
    To feel you as you are mine,
    To get humid of your lips inside my heart,
    A bonding for ages to hold world in my arm,... more »

  • When U R With Me......

    I love u and u love me not......
    When u with me u love me a lot......
    I get confused u love me or not,
    It's a pleasure to both of us,... more »