• A Beautiful Day


    Isn't it a beautiful day :) 

    the wind passing through the leaves as the branches start to sway... more »

  • Black Woman "Eve"

    The most intricate, mysterious and perplexing entity on this planet,
    is a black woman's mind.
    The most rejection, misrepresentation, and miseducation,
    is of a black woman's heart.... more »

  • Brother!

    Your eyes watched as my chained body is dragged across the great sea.
    Brother, it's me!
    Your whips and fist blazed down on my flesh,
    and peeled my skin until it bleeds.... more »

  • By Way Of Chance...

    I met a man long ago
    or should I say I met his essence
    I saw glimpses into his soul
    that manifested in increments... more »

  • Emerged

    It took deep observation
    to uncover a simple revelation
    beyond a darkened pathway
    appears a perfect sunny day... more »

  • Love Questioned


    My love...
    If you were to see me across a dim-lit room... more »

  • Misery

    Where, oh where, does misery end,
    who determines your share,
    my cup runneth over,
    my worlds in constant fear,... more »

  • More Than Words

    I cannot hear you, touch you, see you
    but your world reached inside my soul,
    undressed my spirit and caressed every morsel of my being,
    your innermost thoughts penetrated my consciousness,... more »

  • My Aspiration

    Hello my aspiration
    in your arms my hopes abides
    you have crept into my conscious mind
    and set myself beside... more »

  • One Moment

    In a year filled with challenges, trials, and triumphs,
    ONE MOMENT stands out like wildflowers fully bloomed in June,
    filling my lungs with fragrance the way frankincense consumes a room,
    glossing my eyes over with rose-colored dew,... more »

  • The Black Kings' Doctrine

    Kings, I am your image, your movements in dark shadows, your reflection in shallow waters, In the tears of your abandoned daughters, I am you.

    Kings, I am your end before your life begun, endangered species through loaded guns, the agony of your orphaned sons, I am you.... more »

  • The Day

    Although the day is fait accompli,
    fading far beyond my reach,
    remnants of its fury remain,
    it's bitter reflect weighs on my brain,... more »

  • The Last Night

    I can’t remember if we had ever seen eye to eye,
    but the last night I held on to you and cried.

    My views bent to the left yours skewed to the right,... more »