• A Seascape

    A splash of exuberant colour
    Chasing thoughts around a page
    Rounded swirls
    Chaotically whipping up the waves... more »

  • A Suicidal Tendency

    Standing at the cliff edge,
    I must lean against the wind
    To test its strength.
    Will it hold me?... more »

  • Cheat

    How do I know when
    I hold a daisy
    That the petals will say that he loves me?
    I will pluck them off in twins and triplets if it... more »

  • Crickets For The Water Dragon

    Your arrive by post, ordered on-line.
    Do you know that you are condemned?
    No, of course not.
    You were born in a clinical environment.... more »

  • Crucified Dove

    Whilst out running
    I noticed white
    Caught in the branches of a blackthorn hedge.
    At first I thought it was a plastic bag.... more »

  • Fire Starting

    As I watch
    It gives birth.
    Violently budding.... more »

  • I Am Here

    I am here
    You are there.

    I want to be alone... more »

  • Pebble Skipping

    I hold in my hand a stone,
    That has never been held.
    Among a million
    I singled it out... more »

  • Question Of Birth

    What was I before
    An entity?
    Corporeal.... more »

  • Spring

    Our tremendous orb turns it face toward the sun
    And we bathing in it, shed our clothes,
    Plant our toes,
    Long hair flows... more »

  • Swallows

    Here comes the summer
    Out of the blue in monochrome,
    Crochets and quavers on telephone wires
    Gathering... more »

  • Tv Bla Bla

    Could this blaring box
    Hold more company than
    A person?
    Each little internal bead of colour... more »

  • Wistful Words.

    Wistful words
    Hang in a frosted air,
    Hopeless things uttered
    Sharding a trust.... more »