• Canto I

    Destination riddled with mountains,
    what lies on the other side I know not.
    Climb and tread over its range I must,
    for glory or defeat my fate, my luck.... more »

  • Canto Iii

    Silence raptures into song, as
    loneliness walks into the light.
    A beautiful time I was awakened,
    your pathway leading into mine.... more »

  • Grain Of Thought

    Take a moment, take a step back,
    Take a look around, take a breath.
    Look for what you least see
    life, liberty, justice; laws on paper... more »

  • I Know Not Any Better

    Oh! God Divine,
    To a mountain cavern I want to flee,
    far from the fallacies of
    this worldly sin.... more »

  • Imprints

    Pearl awakes from the zenith of slumber,
    radiant beauty adorns a finger.
    Realized not she would live a hectic life,
    precious no more will she be.... more »

  • Lonely Tear

    Dunes of the Sahara cannot muster
    the clouds to be generous and
    Pour its sorrow-ridden soul
    Over the parched lips of the earth.... more »

  • Prerogative

    What is a man to do,
    poverty his life-long partner?
    Scorching sun overhead,
    sultry weather makes his sweat worthless.... more »

  • Reign Of Man

    Contrasts of ideology defines mankind.
    Parables of war
    if and when they unite.
    How con(trite) the human mind,... more »

  • Schism

    How do I contend?
    Have a prayer on my lips
    and hypocrisy in my heart.
    Question the essence... more »

  • Silence

    Silence is beautiful in a world full of noise.
    Deafened blind mutinies from the abyss
    for a blast.
    Like the sea floor hidden in obscurity,... more »

  • Social Psychosis

    What a waste on life power of insanity reeks,
    on a soul innocent -
    not of its own making.
    Shadow of self-confinement, with... more »

  • Solstice

    Aurora borealis playing across the mountaintops.
    This gaping mouth tremble at its majesty.
    Strewn along the navy blue sky,
    Carat-sized stars with open arms... more »

  • Thee Beloved

    What is a poet who can’t write about love?
    Essentials of words cannot exemplify,
    the essence of adore one pangs for.
    Patience, endurance, persistence... more »

  • To Myself

    How do I know what I feel is true?
    Every thought, vision, calling
    makes me question,
    How did I get to where I am now?... more »

  • You

    From the cascading tears falling like pearls,
    mine eyes gleam in the rapture of your love.
    Sweet serenade glossing in the winds,
    driving pang’s heartbeat away.... more »