• A Strong Word

    Missing you is a strong word.
    It has a smell to it, mushy and oppressive.
    Sometimes, in the dead of the night the word condenses
    before it scatters into hundreds of colour photographs.... more »

  • Alphabets

    Alphabets march to enter my heart
    but an ancient wind stops them,
    They get lost.
    They die... more »

  • Hello

    writing to you is like writing on a blank page which magically will soak in all the
    words and become blank again. So there is only blank.Writing to you is addressing
    a blank within me. Tracing a line from your forehead down to your lips and then to... more »

  • Past Tense

    PAST TENSE... more »

  • Refugee

    REFUGEE 1... more »

  • Ruins

    Naked and immense
    the ruins stare at me.
    Here the evenings are
    still born children and... more »

  • September

    Can you hear your voice
    my voice and
    everything that’s going on?... more »

  • Smell


    There are too many people here hurrying towards the metro. Their body odour spill over themselves mingle in the dusty air in soft slow motion.You hold my hand and we move away. My cologne-doused smell an explosion on your senses.... more »

  • Voyage

    Crossed legged on the floor
    I open the first chapter on trade winds.
    The warm fragrance of distant cities
    and abandoned shells... more »