• Anger To Love

    you see, there is nothing bliss.
    I just want to be held,
    Or maybe something like a kiss,
    by the one I truely love.... more »

  • Break Up!

    When your love was gone, when I felt it no more,
    I was so down, I collapsed against the door!
    pain was gathered, love was gone,
    I will die, another will be born!... more »

  • Do You Want To Know

    Have you found the one?
    The one you give your heart to
    But you are not sure
    That they'll give there heart to you... more »

  • Don'T Feel Guilty Because I Love You

    There is no other place I would rather be...
    then be in your arms
    There is no one else I would rather see...
    besides you and your smile... more »

  • Every Tear.

    You are worth my every tear,
    I am dying inside.
    Losing you is my greatest fear,
    you keep me on my feet.... more »

  • Failing Love

    I found the one I give my heart to...
    the thing is he has given his to you.
    I don't want it to be this way,
    I now have nothing to say.... more »

  • Falling Apart

    People who have problems...
    worse then mine,
    I don't want you to feel like I'm complaining...
    basically all the time,... more »

  • Friends Forever.

    You are my friend...
    and forever we will be,
    we will be friends forever,
    happiness is what we see.... more »

  • Have You Ever? ?

    Have you ever closed your eyes
    and heard the screams and crys
    of the innocent children?
    being asulted by people they hardely know,... more »

  • Home

    I pray to god and beg him so,
    to save me and let me go.
    The place I call home,
    is the place of grief and pain.... more »

  • I Am Alone...

    I am alone....
    on the floor...
    Daddy's screaming at me.....
    I scream back...... more »

  • I Am Torn...

    I am torn...
    My heart taken apart...
    I fall and stumble flat on my face...
    I'm shamed and humbled in discrase.... more »

  • I Can'T

    I sit here and cradle my head in my hands
    I can't breathe
    I am crying here listening to metal bands
    I can't speak... more »

  • I Don'T Care

    You say you don't want to see me cry,
    You say you would rather go and die.

    There is nothing you can do or say,... more »

  • I Now Have The One I Love.....So It Wasn'T You After All

    You taught me something,
    that normally takes half a life to learn.
    You didn't make me lose trust,
    you just broke my heart and made it burn.... more »

  • In Seek Of Relief...From Those I Need.

    I am here....
    I am afraid....
    The darkness creeping up on me....
    I can't stand this....... more »

  • In Your Arms

    I sit in this dark room
    it is a lonely place
    you can't tell what I'm feeling,
    not even by my face.... more »

  • Inlove

    In love with one, loving another
    she wants to run, so far away,
    so far away, she'll be lonely.
    Skin so pale, face of sadness... more »

  • Left The Place I Called Home

    Mum please understand,
    I love you so.
    You mean the world to me,
    I let you go.... more »

  • Life

    You know me...
    I cry and dream with all my might,
    for the day to come,
    For everything to turn out right.... more »

  • My Life Is Right.

    I walk through the door
    with a smile bright as day
    My feet firm on the floor... more »

  • My Uncle

    My uncle was the only one,
    To hold me when I cryed.
    He would sit there,
    untill my tears dried.... more »

  • Out Of My Face! !

    No love will comfort me...
    I gladly take my place..
    If that's how it's gonna be.... more »

  • Poem (Jamie) Lol Told You I'D Do It. Lol

    It isn’t easy to explain how hard it is to lose your dad,
    until you’ve had it happen, you can’t possibly know,
    that's what it's truly like.... more »

  • See Light.

    Do you love some one so much you cry at night,
    because of the fact.......they aren't in your sight?
    Have you wanted to say something to that person,
    but what you want to say doesn't come out right?... more »