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Sharon Swathi Gaddala Poems

Can`t Help Falling In Love With You..

I don't believe in soulmate, no one is perfect,
love a person, with all their imperfection,

Love them the way they are, with no bar, they will never go far,... more »

A Kid I Knew. Now Handsome Grew

A kid I knew, now handsome grew,
That style and twinkle smile,
My heart ran miles and miles,... more »

Wanted To, Wanted You

Almost a decade gone, many to be born,

My world upside down, aloft with a heavy head crown,
Wanted every inch of your skin, from toe to above your chin,... more »

Sharon Swathi Gaddala Quotes

Love is Flawless, don`t use this word loosely and degrade it..
Be Honest and Real in Character, If You are dishonest & Unreal, No one will ever know the REAL YOU!
People will ask you questions, to understand you and your situation, if you are unwilling to answer the questions, you are inhibiting them from understanding you, Later don`t blame them if they did not understand you enough,

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