Sharon Swathi Gaddala Quotes

Love is Flawless, don`t use this word loosely and degrade it..
Be Honest and Real in Character, If You are dishonest & Unreal, No one will ever know the REAL YOU!
People will ask you questions, to understand you and your situation, if you are unwilling to answer the questions, you are inhibiting them from understanding you, Later don`t blame them if they did not understand you enough,
Love is Love, don`t define and complicate it..
Your action or reaction to situation and People exhibit your upbringing and discipline. Never get Intimidated!
Fear is when you are frightened to face consequences of your own actions, Consequences are not in your control, your actions are, Live Fearlessly...
Sometimes you have to bend the rules, to know if it`s worth it..
A moment not Seized, will only go down in history and freeze..
I heard you said nothing. Then, I heard you said something in between I got stuck and right there I found my luck..
Being there for someone when they need you is a nameless commitment just without the I do`s..
Promise vow