SS Shashi Subramanya 12 Feb 1980

When I began to look around and understand the world, I felt the need to express what I encountered and experienced. Some choose art, but I chose poetry.

For a long time, I locked my poetic creations in my cupboard, later on my laptop. May be because, my poems looked at this world only through my eyes. Over a period of my time, my perspective about this world matured, so did my poems.

Of late my mind is raring to unleash the expressions I had suppressed so far. I do understand that there very few takers for poetry today, but that does not deter the optimist in me.

I am influenced by various things that I see around, experience and read about. It would be unfair to say I draw my inspirations only from poets, though Milton, Coleridge, Keats, Elliot, Philip Larkin, and a host of writers from the post modern era captured my attention for a number of years.

What started as hobby has become a passion now, which I pursue despite being a part the deadline-driven environment (Software Development) . However, I have just begun to tread the path to poetry with an objective approach and am yet to create a piece that stands out. Nevertheless, will try till I cease to exist.



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