• Abuse

    She is living her life black and blue.
    After all drinking and drugs she asks god what to do.
    One night she decides to pack up and go.
    She sneeks out the window to what place she dont know.... more »

  • Always Ready

    Living today ready for tomarrow!
    The feelings of life love not sarrow!
    Living life one step at a time!
    Giving a smile is not a crime!... more »

  • Broken Heart

    Today was 7th year as husband and wife.
    Its the begining of a new life.
    She gave him her heart 7 years be before.
    Hes going to work she watches him go out the door.... more »

  • Changes

    My emo past is fading away.
    Im out to find a better day.
    I was so lost in pain.
    That after I healed nothing stayed the same.... more »

  • Daddys Lil Girl

    Being you little girl means so much.
    You bring life to everything you touch.
    I will always be your lil girl.
    To our song i will always twril.... more »

  • Dark Side

    ... more »

  • Dear God

    God, i hope your listening to this prayer tonight.
    I have stumbbled and lost all my sense on sight.
    Im travling all alone on this dark and scary path.
    I have lost my way in the after math.... more »

  • Deathly Life

    hurting inside but not letting go
    where am i in life i dont really no
    people dnt understand meh at all
    thts why no one catches meh wen i fall... more »

  • Devils Demons

    I here them calling my name encouraging me to lie.
    I just plug my ears and begin to cry.
    The demons scream in agony and cry in pain.
    They never stop because satan feels no shame.... more »

  • Different

    It doesnt matter what color you are.
    We all wish on the same star.
    I realized were all special in our own way.
    And with that gift we live day by day.... more »

  • Drugs

    Why do drugs make you feel so weird.
    You try to hide the shame but you cant beacuse on your face the drugs are smeard.
    As you are sitting in your room you begin to think.
    Inside your body your heart starts to sink.... more »

  • Emotional

    I feel the razor cutting deep in my skin.
    I try to fight but the agony and pain is going to win.
    I feel the blood running down my face.
    I just run and hide in a dark place.... more »

  • Fake It

    Fake It when they are looking for a broken smile.
    You are stronger then this dont let them feel you full of denial.
    Fake it when you are lost for words and lies.
    Girl dont worry it okay to be hurt just now real eyes.... more »

  • Friendship

    Look how close we have grown together.
    You know what they say homegirls forver.
    Im down for you and your down for me.
    Our friend ship is like the deep blue sea.... more »

  • Gone

    He ripped open my body and tore out my soul.
    And left me there with a big hole.
    My heart no longer to beat.
    For jesus christ i will meet.... more »

  • Heart Broken

    My heart feels like it was just crushed by one million pounds.
    My life is a bunch of screaming demons well that’s how it sounds.
    My body trembles in the cold.
    For his hand I can never hold.... more »

  • Heart Of Glass

    She walks in the night alone and scared.
    The dark awaits her no one cared.
    Where will she go after this walk through hell.
    She is silent not a yell.... more »

  • I Hate You

    I hate you because you dont understand.
    You dont even try to give me a helping hand.
    I have stumbled down and cant get back to my feet.
    I hate you because its me you beat.... more »

  • Just Like Him

    I went home with guilt in my eyes.
    With alcohol on my breath my mom starts to cry.
    She knows that i will end up just like him.
    In trouble with the law hanging on by a stem.... more »

  • Lifes Journey

    LIfes journey begins at birth.
    When you are born you discover earth.
    Everyday you live is a gift from god.
    Once you turn 3 or4 you learn ho to hold a fishing rod.... more »

  • Little Girl

    This little girl at the age of two
    Is living her life black and blue.
    No food in the kitchen only drugs and beer.
    The beaten begins and now shes bleeding out the nose mouth and ear.... more »

  • Lost Heart

    Her heart is broke because of him.
    Loving him was a sin.
    He promised her a good life.
    But he turned around with a knife.... more »

  • Lost Love

    Look at her through her bloodshot eyes.
    Not because she is high but because she crys.
    Her heart is broke and laying on the floor.
    Her head says no but her heart crys for more.... more »

  • Marines

    Nick why do you have to go for so long.
    When you get out you willbe so strong.
    Your my cuz no matter what.
    Some times you act like a nut.... more »

  • Memories

    All of our memories make me happy then sad.
    I'll remeber everything that we had.
    You dont even know how many tears.
    I have sheaded these last few years.... more »